Olivia’s products just work!

I’ve been a fan of organic Olivia for many years. Olivia has taught me about traditional Chinese medicine, herbalism and Ayurveda which has absolutely transformed my life. I started taking less and less pills, she inspired me to visit an acupuncturist and chiropractor, to start taking herbs instead of pills and to accept, then love myself!

I first starting using her natural recipes, and then decided to order the amazing ParaPro formula. I had no idea I would find actual creatures in my stool! And I was amazed to see how my sugar cravings went down slowly, and my weight came back to normal after over a two year hormone imbalance.

I started to work at my family’s kindergarten last November, and immediately got a mild flu. I ordered the Immuneshroom and never got one again! My sister, who’s not so open minded about natural remedies, was getting married, and two days before, she started to feel sick. I gave her 2 pills of the shrooms, and she was as healthy as never before for her wedding day! She bought a jar of the product soon after.

I also ordered the magnesium tea, and my whole family is now taking it before bed for optimal sleep…I’m a huge fan of Olivia, and to see her grow is a complete pleasure. What you do with love, grows, heals hearts and souls. Thank you so much Olivia for your light 💕✨💕✨

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