My cystic acne is gone thanks to the ParaPro Formula

Susana from Portugal

I always had pimples, since puberty. However, 4 years ago, in my mid twenties, they started getting worst…cystic acne! I was always a confident girls but those huge pimples in my face were destroying that so I did what every person does…went to the dermatologist. He prescribed me accutane (of course) and I started taking it but still eating whatever I wanted… I waited for it to work but the opposite happened, they got even worse!! I looked like a ferrero rocher and the doctor said it was normal and it would get worse before it gets better so I kept taking it.

3 months passed by and I got to a point that I felt so ugly that I didn’t even go outside. So he put me on the birth control pill. The pimples started to fade but the damage was done and they left my face covered in scars…

That is when I started to investigate online and came across Organic Olivia. I started to follow her advices, changed my diet, changed all my cosmetics, started to use argon oil on my face, using only organic products, eating organic, using magnesium oil (my neck pain is so much better), avoiding dairy and gluten and, of course, quit the birth control.

My skin improved a lot but I knew there was still a lot of work to be done. When I did my first parasite cleanse (Dr Hulka’s) my face got better but I still had some pimples now and then.
It was a long road (still is) but I am getting to know my body and slowly reversing the damages accutane did (stupid leaky gut).

A couple of months ago, I did another parasite cleanse (Olivia’s ParaPro Formula) and so far my face cleared up completely and no new pimples (it has been 2 months) and my digestive system is feeling so much better!!

I thank Olivia for all the works she has done and keep doing every day, your words and advices help me a lot! Whenever I have doubts about a food, supplement or subject the first thing I do is look up in your blog if there is anything about it. The energy you are able to pass through a computer/cellphone is contagious, makes people feel like they know you and can trust you and that is a rare thing to find! Keep being that beautiful soul you are! Love from Portugal xxx Susana

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