Look at my skin! Love you and PARAPRO!

I just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to Olivia. I never thought I would be as happy to learn about parasites & gut health as I am, but I’m truly grateful. I’ve been using your parasite cleanse since you first handmade them, and they have been a life saver ever since. I recently traveled and wasn’t able to eat as healthy as I normally do, which resulted in my skin breaking out way more than I’ve ever experienced.

The picture is when it was at its worst. I took two of the parapro formula pills every night before bed for 14 straight days, along with eating healthy again and eliminating food that wasn’t serving my body, and look at how it has cleared up! Thank you so much for putting such an effort into your supplements, the efforts truly shows. Look at my skin!!! Love you and PARAPRO!!!

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