Where do you shop for your organic produce, food items and dry goods?

First and foremost, I always make a stop at the farmer’s market on Saturdays (if you’re in New York, it’s the Hastings Farmer’s Market!) I fill up on as many greens and seasonal fruits/vegetables as I can so that most of my grocery budget goes to local farmers. Whatever other produce I need, including fruit that isn’t local to my area, I get from either Trader Joe’s, Mrs. Greens, or Whole Foods. Trader Joe’s is the least expensive so I go there first to stock up on bananas, apples, and frozen fruit for smoothies. Next I’ll check out Mrs. Greens and see what’s on sale in their weekly flyer and go for the good deals. If I’m really in a rut and can’t find something anywhere else, I head to Whole Foods last since they’re the most expensive. For my dry goods (such as nuts, seeds, flours, coconut oil, cacao powder – even organic tampons!) I shop exclusively on Vitacost.com. They are a discount supplier of vitamins and healthy foods, and their 54 oz. tub of organic coconut oil is only $24! You can’t beat it. If it’s your first time ordering from them, you can use their Refer-a-Friend discount and we’ll both get $10 off a $30 purchase. Thank you in advance if you decide to use it!


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