Do you follow a specific eating style/diet?

I do not label the way I eat and don’t feel that I really fit into any one category. I used to eat a paleo-style diet that was high in protein but I’ve recently learned a ton about the perils of high protein diets and the damage they can cause to the kidneys (check out the book “Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration” to learn more, Dr. Robert Morse, ND is amazing!) Then I ate strictly according to Chinese Medicine (emphasis on yang, warming foods and very low in raw foods) and it helped with many symptoms… but I still felt like something was missing due to the toxicity I’ve been building up ever since my poor diet as a child and teen. Nowadays I’m eating a diet high in raw fruit and greens while still incorporating yang (warming) foods at night, and it’s been working wonders on the detox aspect! I’ve had a wart that’s been on my thumb for 7 years completely fall off once I introduced the fruit and found balance. In the evenings I eat a small amount of wild fish and cooked foods like broth and soup to really move the stagnation throughout my body and keep me healthy and warm.  

I find it very fascinating that people such as Dr. Terry Wahls have been able to completely reverse their chronic illness on a diet including animal products – she had MS and got out of her wheelchair by eating a diet very high in greens, colorful vegetables, and grass-fed organ meats (see her Ted Talk here). On the other hand, I’ve seen and met a ton of people that have also cured themselves from illness (even cancer) by eating a completely raw vegan diet and juicing (check out my friend Joan’s story here). At the end of the day, I think the amount of animal products people are eating is absolutely detrimental, and I’m a big fan of the Okinawan style of eating that has produced the longest living people in the world. Plant-centered, mostly fresh fruit and vegetables, with a small amount of fish/meat; only eating until they’re 80% full and never overdoing it.

And finally, to be completely honest, I have found that your diet does not matter nearly as much as your mental, emotional, and spiritual state. You can eat the cleanest diet in the world, but if you have resentment, anger, and pain in your heart, your physical body may not even respond. So many people tell me they get worse when they stop eating the processed foods and eat healthier… and that’s because as your physical body begins to detox, it brings out emotional detox we must deal with as well. And that’s the hardest part. Most of us never completely deal, and we hit a plateau. The truth is that your food reacts to YOU: your thoughts, your mind state, your emotions. Plants react to human stimuli – that’s a proven fact – and I guarantee you 90% of your plate is derived from plants. The WAY you eat, the things you think about while eating, the gratitude you speak over your food, and your internal emotional state during eating matters even more than the actual choices you are making. Food is only one part of the equation… and the answer is love.


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