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Health Benefits
  • A one-of-a-kind, synergistic combination of zinc and plant flavonoids
  • Supports a healthy immune system and healthy respiratory system*
  • Contains a balance of zinc and copper, along with powerful natural antioxidants such as quercetin, EGCG, and orange peel
  • An immune season essential to help maintain well-being*
  • Helps maintain upper respiratory health*
  • Traditionally used for healthy immune defenses*
  • Supports lung health*
  • Provides antioxidant support*

Get the most from your zinc supplement with Zinc PLUS+ synergistic antioxidants and flavonoids such as Quercetin, whole orange peel, and a healthy dose of EGCG derived from green tea.

Zinc is known to support immune health, while flavonoids are added to support gut microbiome health (which also plays a role in a healthy immune system*) along with cellular health (as plant-based antioxidants help fight free radicals*). Zinc may also be helpful for skin health, including support for occasional acne, especially when formulated with antioxidants such as Quercetin.

During an especially challenging immune season, you may notice that your body might benefit from a bit of extra support. Throughout these times, adding this mighty blend of herbs and minerals to your daily routine can help you and your family maintain well-being throughout the season.*

This formula was developed in 2020 as part of a three-piece care package based on studies examining the harmonious synergy between Quercetin, EGCG, and Zinc. Orange Peel is added to the mix as it is rich in a wide variety of flavonoids that nourish and support a healthy gut microbiome and healthy lung microbiome.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Zinc (picolinate), Copper (glycinate), Quercetin dihydrate, ECGC, Orange peel powder, Bioperine, Hypromellose (veggie capsule), rice concentrate.


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Raquel Bermudez

Hello there, i would like to know if my 13 years old daughter who weighs 85 pounds can take zinc, want to try if it helps her with her acne. thank you.

Charlotte Nehme

Absolutely love this product! My skin is flawless! Hoping it comes back to the market soon. Olivia can you update us on IG on when it should be expected? Thanks. For those saying they get nausea…. If any zinc supplement is taking on an empty stomach or such, it will make you nausea! I take my vitamins always at night. I have no issue with this.


This made me so nauseous no matter what time of day I tried taking it and no matter what/how much I ate before taking. I have IBS and experience nausea often though, but this was real bad, I haven’t bothered trying again after my last attempt. My boyfriend on the other hand can take it with no nausea or GI upset. He hasn’t particularly noticed any benefits though, but he’s a very healthy/active person and he doesn’t take it every single day. 3 stars for not knowing anything really other than it made me personally feel absolutely terrible.


Started taking this zinc for immunity and was sooo pleasantly surprised with what it did to my skin! 🙂 I can’t wait until it’s back in stock to get more!

Mariem Salcedo

I started taking Zinc Plus and probiotics to improve my skin health since all of a sudden I got really bad acne. At first, I noticed that 2 pills a day made me a little nauseous but then reducing it to 1 a day and also taking it with a meal has worked wonders. I am also happy that it helps with my immunity, around this time I usually get sick but I haven’t gotten even allergies since I started taking it. I will continue to keep taking zinc for my face and for my immune system.

Jose Bustos

I Love Love Love this ZINC! I have tried so many different varieties in both pill and liquid (which is supposed to be gentler) and always ended up nauseous. I split my dose and take one with a heavy lunch and one after dinner (Never alone) and have had zero problems. This and the tea are a life saver!

Carol Jolon

I bought 2 bottles during the Black Friday sale and I’m glad I did. My skin feels a lot more supple and it heals quicker after breakouts. My skin just feels sooo much healthier and this comes from a person that has suffered from adult acne. There has been occasions when it made me feel nauseous, but it doesn’t happen every time I take them. Anyway, I hope these are back in stock soon because I’m loving the ingredients and there’s no other zinc supplement out there that compares! (Also, I’m almost done with my 2nd bottle and I need to re-up lol)


This Zinc made me nauseous and unfortunately it took my almost a month of daily nausea and many days of taking work off because it was so bad to realize what it was.

Elizabeth Gazin

I love Organic Olivia’s products but my wife and I both got extremely nauseous from the Zinc. We couldn’t figure out what it was at first but then realized this was the only change in our diet. Major bummer! Are there any tips on how to avoid feeling nauseous while taking it because I would love the benefits of the pill!

Phoebe B

I bought a bottle of this zinc to help with my skin issues and oh my goodness… I love this stuff so much. I have tried a lot of different zinc products over the years and this one really is something else! This combined with the liver juice has really helped with my breakouts. Cannot wait until it is back in stock so I can stock up!

P Haynes

I bought this for myself and my parents (my moms has MS and takes zinc on its on own to support her immune system). We all love it!!! For my mom she finds her inflammation and joint pain isn’t as bad. For me, I personally find it has actually helped my mood more than anything, my digestion and period cramps and it’s supporting my hair which last year seemed to be shedding a lot! I used to suffer from horrible cystic acne but with working with a naturopath my skin has done a 180 and I have noticed with adding this supplement my skin has a new glow. In regards to people mentioning the nausea I noticed that too but mistook it for hunger pains not realizing it was the supplement. I get painfully nauseous about two hours after taking this but I find if I drink more water or have a snack it goes away. I also find splitting up the dose might be more tolerable for some. My naturopath had me taking EGCG on its own (before I got this supplement) and mentioned that green tea for some people can make them quite nauseous or vomit. My only complaint is that I live in Canada and with shipping and exchange rates makes this a pretty pricey supplement.


This stuff is amazing!!! I was blessed enough to score two bottles of this when it first launched. My husband and I have been taking it nightly since, I also passed a bottle along to my parents. My dad usually doesn’t like when I spend money on supplements for them but this was the first time they messaged me and asked where I bought it from so they could buy more. And this is coming from my father who has been taking a variety of vitamins for decades now. I truly do believe this also saved the 4 of us from catching covid recently as everyone else we have had constant close contact with tested positive and we were negative. Waiting slightly patiently for the restock since we’re all running low. Also not sure about the comments about feeling nauseous are about- my husband and I take this at night along with vitamin c and vitamin d and have not felt sick from it

Lauren L

Just came to say I have not had any nausea or vomiting like some of the other reviews say.. and I have a super sensitive stomach usually. I take mine at night after dinner. I love that this is designed to help fight cv2 . I usually have a bad immune system and get sick all winter, but this year I’ve definitely stayed healthier .. I also use the immuneshroom and love that!

Amy Kennedy

Amazing product. I have had myself and my family taking this product for a little over a month. My mom and brother found out they were in direct contact with somebody who tested positive for covid, yet neither of them got it. My mon also took these when she had pneumonia and she recovered in just a few short days, whereas normally she would take 2+ weeks as she has COPD and is immune compromised. Im so grateful for these pills as they have helped my whole family stay healthy and strengthen our immune system. None of us experience nausea from these pills. I take them after a meal and take one in afternoon, one at night, with no issues. Highly recommend!


I took 2 capsules after my lunch and felt terrible approx 3 hours later. So nauseous almost to the point of vomiting. The same feeling I had during the first trimester of my pregnancies. Awful feeling. I’m not saying this as a poor reflection on the brand, simply as a warning that zinc can have side effects. Really do your research and perhaps take a smaller dosage to start. I won’t be taking it at all moving forward.

Alexandra Layton

This supplement is amazing! I am working to heal my gut and boost my immune system. My skin has not been happy along with my gut based on diet choices, but my skin is now glowing!!! I am almost done with one bottle and the results are amazing. My skin is healing and recovering quickly from damages and I am not getting new acne! I had been suffering from cystic acne and this has ceased. Need more!!!

Kara Downing

Definitely echo what others are saying. This supplement makes me so nauseous to the point of vomiting. I have taken a lot of supplements over the years and none have ever made me so sick. If I take this after a lot of food, I can stave off the worst and keep it down. I don’t know if I got a bad batch or what, but I’m not sure I’ll reorder. I had high hopes because I loved the combination zinc and quercetin for CV2.

Aimee Loveless

I threw up one time taking it, when I took it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Since then, I take it after a complete meal and have had no issues whatsoever. I highly recommend this product. Great ingredients.

Kellie svendsen

I absolutely love this zinc supplement. I started taking it and I was giving some to all my family members. I haven’t had any nausea or vomiting as others have said. I take mine with breakfast every day. I love all my Organic Olivia products and recommend them to everyone I know!

Mariah Maganda

Wow! What can I say? My skin is absolutely glowing and thriving. I am an essential worker and I feel strong enough to trust that my gut will work with me to fight off any sickness thanks to this supplement. I can’t wait to try the rest of the guardian bundle!


I was taking a friends since I’m still waiting for my shipment. I am echoing the other reviews that mention nausea and throw up. I am glad I stumbled upon these reviews because I could not figure out what was making me sick. This makes me nauseous and has caused me to throw up multiple times. I am not someone who is sensitive with supplements. I have taken 50mg zinc daily in the past with no issues. I will no longer buy this supplement.

Arlene Uzeta

I love this supplement!! It does make me a bit nauseous, but I noticed if I take it right after lunch I feel fine, and I even get a little energy.


I randomly started taking high dose (50mg) of zinc last year and after having suffered from acne basically my entire life, I noticed it improve dramatically and it stayed that way for 10 months. I heard then that lower doses are recommended (random internet source), so I switched to 15mg and my breakouts once again became uncontrolled. After doing some research, holistic healthcare providers actually say that it can take 10 years of high doses of zinc to restore equilibrium because deficiencies are so common and so hard to correct. I then ordered this, and the combo with orange peel (which helps lower cadmium) and quercetin and EGCG and of course the higher dose of zinc have finally kicked in and worked absolute magic on my immune system (I have asthma and am sick all the time) and thus my skin. I haven’t had a new pimple or breakout in several days, after having two new pimples daily for weeks. I take this with Liver Juice and Adrenal Recovery and Omega 3s, but this definitely made the difference.

Jen Cummings

My family and I have been taking this Zinc since it first came out and it is by far the best zinc supplement we’ve taken! Not only to does this help our immune system but I saw noticeably clear skin after a few weeks taking it. We ALWAYS take this after a complete meal (not just snacks) but a full meal and never have issues with nausea. Please keep making this formula OO!


This zinc is amazing! I’ve taken zinc in the past for acne and didn’t notice any difference. I originally purchased this for the immune benefits, especially with the continual rise of COVID, but have physically noticed my skin clearing up! I love that I know it is supporting me internally in different ways, and I will keep this in my supplement regimen to also help with my skin! Yay!


This Zinc is AMAZING! I have been using other brands of zinc for the last few years. I wasn’t sure if it was doing much or not but ever since switching to this zinc I can feel the difference. My dermatologist recommended high doses of zinc to help clear up some warts on my finger. No matter what I did I couldn’t get rid of them, until this zinc! I noticed the other day that they were completely gone only after 1 month taking zinc plus. My husband and I also used this to help with COVID symptoms last month. Symptoms stayed mild and resolved quickly. I will keep this in our regular OO daily supplements.

Marissa Clement

This made me throw up two different times I tried it.


Yikes, I get nauseous after taking this supplement..I’ve tried with a meal and 2 hours after eating…it was worse when I took on an empty stomach w water. I read that I shouldn’t take more than 15 mg at a time??? Disappointed as I read the great reviews 🙁


WOW! I have PCOS and was dealing with lots of hair loss recently. I started taking Zinc and my hair stopped falling significantly! It’s shinier and stronger. I’m in love with this supplement. Please please please restock soon! Thank you Olivia for giving me back hope <3


I’ve been taking zinc for about 3 weeks and already ordered another bottle! I ordered for overall immune support but the added bonus is that my skin has never looked better, after only two weeks! It’s the first time in my life I haven’t had any hormonal breakouts during my cycle. Super pumped on this stuff!!!!


I bought this a couple of weeks ago and I’m so glad I did! I started sneezing and had a runny nose on Thanksgiving. I thought it was my allergies until I developed chills and nausea the next day. I started taking the zinc plus and immune shroom immediately. Two days later and I’m already feeling better! Convinced this played a large part in nipping whatever yucky bug I had in the bud!

Nicole Norris

Can this be taken with Immune Shroom?


Is this okay for nursing mothers?

Justine Pearson

Olivia wasn’t kidding around when she said this combo would help our skin! I’ve only been taking this for about one week and my skin is noticeably improved! Feels cleaner from the inside out! I struggle with acne on my neck, it’s uncomfortable and looks not so pleasant! This helped in a huge way! Just thank you so much Olivia!

Leslie Bendig

Is it ok to take the Immuneshroom and the new Zinc formula together or does it make more sense to pick one or the other? Thanks!

Justine Mouron

This is a great supplement, thanks for putting it out there – however make sure you eat it with A LOT of food. Even one pill systematically makes me sick – am I doing something wrong?

Karen Spenrath

Is the Zinc Plus and Microbiome Gluten Free?

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