Not Your Average Probiotic

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Not Your Average Probiotic
Not Your Average Probiotic
Not Your Average Probiotic
Not Your Average Probiotic
Not Your Average Probiotic
Not Your Average Probiotic


Health Benefits
  • Delivers a 20 billion CFU dose of probiotics to support gut and brain health
  • Supports healthy immune system function and a healthy GI tract
  • Supports beneficial microflora in the gut and proper digestion
  • Includes prebiotic fiber to supply easily digestible fuel so the “good guys” stick around
  • Packed with digestive enzymes to support healthy digestion of meals
  • Supports Gut Health
  • Assists Digestion
  • Encourages Healthy Microflora
  • Aids Immunity
Not Your Average Probiotic

My main focus when creating products is targeting the root causes of chronic illness. As you may know, the root I’m most passionate about is gut dysbiosis, otherwise known as an overabundance of pathogenic or ‘unproductive’ bacteria, and a shortage of probiotic (health-supporting) bacteria. In healthy individuals, the balance of pro-to-pathogen should be around 80/20, but unfortunately for many of us this ratio has traveled far from the ideal. This is due to a myriad of factors, including the overuse of antibiotics, our descent from real whole foods, xenobiotics in our environment (from chlorine in our water to pesticides in our food), stress, medications, and more. Scientists are now also pointing to a “generational loss,” where because of these factors, babies are coming into the world with far less beneficial strains than their mothers. (Studies show that critical B. infantis, for example, is missing or low in many infants and children. These children have a 6x higher incidence of allergies than those with healthy levels!)

When these probiotic strains aren’t taking up residence in our guts, pathogens have their chance to overgrow and create symptoms. The effect this has had on our health as a collective is staggering, as autoimmune disorders and unexplained chronic illnesses are exploding. While medical researchers once thought autoimmune disease was attributed to the body “attacking itself,” evidence is quickly mounting showing that rather, the body is attacking constant low-grade bacterial infections that should have been destroyed by our healthy microbiome army.

(For example, a study across the US & Norway found that those suffering with systemic sclerosis had higher levels of inflammation-causing pathogenic bacteria and lower levels of protective, anti-inflammatory bacteria compared to individuals without the autoimmune disease. One of the authors relayed that “the results of our research suggest that patients with systemic sclerosis have a unique lower gastrointestinal microbial consortium characterised by increased pathobiont organisms and decreased beneficial commensal organisms.” The study proposes that probiotics may aid restoring gut bacterial balance in those suffering from autoimmune disease).

The bottom line is, YOUR GUT MATTERS. I know you’ve heard that your immune system depends entirely on your gut flora, and new research is published daily linking that microflora to a range of health indications from general mood and sleep quality to levels of anxiety and depression. My hope for the future of medicine is that emphasis is shifted to repairing the microbiome first and foremost. I want to do my part in that revolution by offering a healing tool that allows you to repair, repopulate, and get stronger every day. A healthier gut population means better sleep and immunity, less pain and fatigue, more energy, and improved digestion.

You’re not average, so your probiotic shouldn’t be either. Trust your gut and give us a try on your healing journey. We are here to help in any way we can!

  1. Prebiotics – Food for the “good guys” so they can take back their turf from those pesky pathogens. Our organic, plant-based VITAFIBER balances the pH of your gut, helps destroy unproductive (“bad”) bacteria, and acts as food for your probiotic army so they stick around and build a village! Studies show that prebiotic fiber ALONE may lower body fat in obese children by selectively feeding the beneficial bugs that control inflammation, blood sugar regulation, and hormone health. When you combine this unique type of fiber with anti-inflammatory strains, it’s a winning combination.
  2. Microencapsulation technology – Our 20 billion CFU are micro-encapsulated to ensure their survival in the acidic environment of the stomach. As customers who do their research, we always want to get our money’s worth; we’ve ensured that our capsules will make it through the long journey to exactly where they need to be.
  3. Fermented enzymes – We’ve included digestive enzymes to assist gut health and nutrient absorption by helping you break down your food and beat the bloat. This is especially helpful for those who have been suffering from any type of digestive disorders, pain, bloating, etc. These enzymes also make our probiotic a great digestive aid for any meal.

1. How does your probiotic differ from what’s out there? Not only does our probiotic contain a whopping 20 billion CFU per capsule, it also features: a) fermented digestive enzymes so that you can take them with hard-to-digest meals even while traveling, b) prebiotic fiber to feed and fuel the beneficial bugs, and c) microencapsulation technology which has been shown in studies to improve probiotic survival during gastric transit. This ensures the good bacteria makes it through the acidic environment of the stomach. It was also essential that my probiotic was shelf-stable, as probiotics are what keep me regular when I’m traveling or on vacation. (This is where the digestive enzymes are extremely helpful as well, since I can’t always eat my normal diet on the road or at social events!) No detail was overlooked, because when I couldn’t find a probiotic that hit all my marks, I made my own. 2. When should I take this? You can either take it on an empty stomach, or with a meal if you need extra digestive support.


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This product isn’t only good for gut health but it has three of the best bacteria for vagina health. In my third trimester of pregnancy, I struggled with reoccurring bacteria vaginosis. After my second antibiotic treatment, I was tired of pumping my pregnant body with antibiotics. I had some of these left over from before I was pregnant, I started to take them and my BV disappear and hasn’t come back since. Thank you Olivia! You saved my baby and myself because BV can be very dangerous in pregnancy! I highly recommend!

Stephanie Dunbar

Such an amazing product. Couldn’t recommend it more. Keeps me regular and I’ve been able to cut way down on the coffee and laxative tea- a true game changer!

Jessica Soto

I am 23 years old and started taking the probiotics they started working for me extremely fast and I definitely can feel it working ( army of soldiers) and i cant believe i am able to use the restroom without having any difficulty. I ran out and im back to being constipated i looked through my medicine cabinet and found 1 pill left of the probiotic and it worked within the first hour and here i am leaving a review and about to purchase my second bottle .

Bobby Jacobs

For the last year I have been trying all kinds of probiotics from tons of reputable companies, and I haven’t found a product that comes close to this one. I’m super impressed with all the products I’ve gotten from Olivia, this probiotic helped my mental clarity, inflammation, and GI function hugely. It’s definitely a bit expensive, but very worth it.


This is amazing. The only thing is that it feels wasteful to keep buying the glass bottles so a more sustainable refill option is majorly needed Olivia!!!


I don’t know if I have ever written a review for anything, but here I am! I want to tell my story. Started PMS-ing pretty badly yesterday afternoon. Testy mood, cramps, appetite changes, core body temperature fluctuations, ya know. Woke up at 2AM pretty nauseous, so I sipped on some water, readjusted myself, and was able to fall back asleep. Woke up in the morning and the wave of nausea hit again. Stood up, instantly grabbed my trash can, and pondered life. Usually, I wouldn’t stop myself from throwing up at this moment, but I did today, I took a probiotic, took a shower, and I’m back to ‘normal’ in 30 mins… I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW THAT IS POSSIBLE. But this similar situation has happened to me MANY times. Nauseous for whatever reason (working on that part), pop a probiotic and I’m better. I have never thrown one up. Also, my skin and hair look AMAZING. 3 people have thought I was under the age of 18 since I started taking these.. I’m 28. (I’m on my third bottle) I feel healthy and strong as an ox with these. When my stomach feels better, my mind feels better, and everything just falls into place. I feel like these help with my anxiety somehow.. which might sound like a stretch but I’m dead ass. I literally recommend these to anyone who tells me they are struggling with anything. It’s a good first place to start at least and gauge where you might need to go next. As long as these are sold, I will never let myself run out.

Erin D

Have been taking these for a month now! I noticed my cystic acne has improved a ton! This period only one single spot of cystic ace but my diet hasn’t been the greatest haha. Overall I love this product & ordered a second bottle before the first one ran out. It’s worth the shipping to Canada because of how much effort and quality you know Olivia & her team put into these products. Very fast shipping to Canada!

Cristina Salazar

OO makes the most amazing products but if you have SIBO or suspect it this is not a good probiotic for you because it has prebiotics which feeds the overgrowth.


Is this safe while breastfeeding?


This product is a lifesaver! I would feel bloated and gross all the time, and shortly after starting this product I saw that begin to change! I try to keep enough stock on hand so I don’t run out. All of OO products are amazing and this one is no different! Also – A+++++ customer service always!

Blake Masterson

This. Supplement. Changed. My. Life. Plus changes to my diet: I cut out sugar and high GI foods (White bread makes me break out like crazy) and eat plain unsweetened Greek yogurt every day for breakfast, make sure it has probiotics. I could probably wash my face with borox and the changes to my diet would still be better than any skincare product has ever been, trust me.


I filtered by lowest stars and I only saw two reviews with less than 5 stars yet it says there are more reviews than that with less than 5 stars. I dont know if this glitch for me. I just want to read all the less than perfect reviews before I buy something to understand if people are like it arrived late 2 stars… is this a glitch for me that going down? I’m just trying to help my nephew spend less time in the bathroom over here! 🙂

I finished a bottle of this probiotic. I am very disappointed that this probiotic didn’t work for me after waiting 3 months to arrive. A cheaper and random pharmacy probiotic with 10 billion CFU or so worked better for me than this. I see no change and have one more bottle to go.


Last year I got acne all of the sudden. I went to a dermatologist and a gynecologist (maybe it was POS). They try to put me on the pill but I really didn’t want to take any hormonal birth control. My face mapping wasn’t indicating that my acne was hormonal (all my acne was on the cheek and forehead area). Then after reading and researching it clicked that it had to do with my gut health. Since I have taken your probiotics + zinc and also used the parapro, I kid you not MY FACE HASNT HAD A PIMPLE EVER SINCE. OH and as a bonus, I always had issues with my bowel movements and now I even go two times to the bathroom. HONESTLY, I LOVE ALL YOUR PRODUCTS SO MUCH.


I cannot praise this enough!!!! I have had IBS, digestive and not pooping issues for what feels like my entire life (all 38 years of it!) .I took this for 30 days, every night before bed and my life HAS CHANGED. I ran out and did not take it for 6 days and I could feel a difference right away. This is AMAZING! Also Nick’s soup recipe has changed my soup game forever!!!(Thank you Nick lol!). Olivia, it feels great to support someone like you and your company. Much love <3


THIS IS A COMPLETE LIFE CHANGER. I’ve tried everything. I have bad IBS, always going to the bathroom, sick to my stomach. It’s stopped me from living my life. Can’t travel, go on a boat, nothing. My Relationship with food was awful because I was always sick. GUYS. I started taking this and I have a freaking stomach of steel now! Took them everyday on my honey moon and was able to hike, atv bumpy roads, do long drives etc. without a single issue! I feel on top of the world and I can’t recommend this enough!!!!!!! Worth every single penny for freedom!

Jamie Hurst

For years my son would suffer with stomach pain starting when he was 12.. Anxiety driven Irritible Bowel Syndrome was causing him to miss a tremendous amount of school. Which led me to altering his diet .. Visiting numerous Dr.’s trying every option for a remedy. To no avail.. Finally a friend recommended Olivia to me. My son couldn’t be happier ! He is soon to turn 16 and has a clean gut with no I.B.S. Symptoms whatsoever. These probiotics are expensive but much less then the thousands of dollars I’ve spent traveling all over to see professional Dr.’s. Thank You 🙏 Olivia. My son Chaz thanks you as well !

Shirley Grant

Do you ship to the UK?


I have been taking this Probiotic for about a year now and my health has turned a complete 180! I got a gut analysis done before and after taking these and holy moly…what a difference! My mom has T1 diabetes and I have her hooked. They are on the pricey side, but you pay for quality and these are the best out there!


Should this be stored in the fridge? There isn’t any info on the label regarding storage for this probiotic. Thanks!


I purchased the probiotic during the Black Friday sale. I also take the Liver Juice tincture. So far I have been pleased with this probiotic and honestly feel it has helped to minimize cystic breakouts this month during my cycle. I noticed once I started taking this probiotic that a breakout I did have at the time healed more quickly! The Liver Juice has also been great as it helps me with lover detoxification, I take it every morning with warm water. Overall the products have been great and I will continue to purchase! I’m so glad I was able to get two of the probiotics during the Black Friday sale as I do not want to run out! I have seen results within a span of 1 month! I am looking forward to purchasing the Flow Balance once it comes back in stock as I’m willing to try anything to keep my hormones balanced. I believe with continued consistent use of these products along with healthy diet, and my all natural skincare regimen will get me the clear skin I desire! I am so grateful to Olivia for her dedication with providing us with quality products and ingredients! Thank you OO and you’re amazing team!


Unfortunately, after using this for 2 months, I haven’t noticed any positive improvements. I’ve been taking this with Liver Juice and have not seen any improvements in my skin (still breaking out regularly despite vegan, low-gluten diet). Additionally, my bowel movements went from being regular (every morning like clockwork) to very irregular and incomplete. I will be going back to the probiotics that I was using before that I got from Sprouts. Bummed because I was really excited to try this probiotic that claimed to be different and better than others out there.


I’ve tried so many types of probiotics to help with skin and digestion issues and this is the only one that has worked for me. It works so well I even got my friend to try it and he’s noticed the same thing. No other probiotic has helped as much as this one. I know it wont be for everyone but if you’ve been struggling to find one to work for you I highly suggest trying hers! I haven’t had a stomach ache since I have consistently used this product!


Who is this person? Is it a doctor? Who created this probiotic ?I want to know his credentials


Amazing. My hand eczema cleared up within ONE WEEK, after taking this + ParaPro & Keep it Moving, and clean-ish eating. You are an angel OO <3 Sending so much gratitude from Australia!!

Kamoree Brown

I just ran out of this probiotic and may I just say that I am absolutely in LOVE with this product!!! I have used two other probiotics that were natural and vegan, but the results I had with this one was the best. I feel so clean and smell even better. Thank you Olivia!

Sabrina Mubiru

I purchased the probiotic and saw a very good difference the flatulence had eased it was so terrible and taking Olivia’s probiotic really helped in terms with digestion.

Jessica Del Valle

This is hands down the best probiotic I’ve taken! I struggled with perioral dermatitis for over a year and nothing would clear it up. I found OO and started with her probiotic and Parapro cleanse and it was cleared completely after a solid 3 weeks (along with clean eating). Ive been taking it daily for almost two years now!

Samarah Martin

Honestly love organic olivia & everything she’s about. Probiotic helped me go to the bathroom:) & it helped a bit with my stomach discomfort. Her liver tincture is still my favorite tho


I’ve been taking these probiotics daily for a few years now and I can honestly say they have changed the way I feel, my skin, my stomach and overall health. You truly are amazing and I am so blessed to be able to find a solution for my stomach and digestive issues. These combined with your digestive juice truly changed the game! Part of my daily routine and can’t live without them both!!

Maritza Tejada

I really love this probiotic, I’m currently on my second bottle. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin, I usually have at least one cystic acne breakout but while using this probiotic I’ve seen such a noticeable reduction of breakouts. Not to mention, it’s been amazing for my digestive health. Before using this probiotic I wasn’t taking one prior and would regularly experience abdominal pain, since taking these probiotics I have not experienced anymore abdominal pain or discomfort. Overall, really great product. Thank you so much Olivia!


I recently stopped taking these because of the price but I was taking it religiously for a few years now. It surprisingly really helped my gas? I think it does work and is a better probiotic than a lot of the stuff out there. I’ve tried many of them. Also really nice as some probiotics have dairy based ingredients and this doesn’t. I’m dairy free and lactose intolerant


Hands down the best probiotic I’ve tried and I’ve tried several. I have bad eczema and when I take these probiotics my skin seems to always clear. Yes, they are a bit pricey but in comparison to the money I’ve spent over the years at doctors (allergists, dermatologists and general practitioners) they are cheap. I wish I would have tried them sooner but when you try so many things and they don’t work you start to become a skeptic. I’m so glad I finally took a chance and honestly will probably never live without them!!


This probiotic is my best friend. As someone that has struggled with SIBO and food intolerances, taking this literally brings me and my stomach comfort. I struggle with hormonal acne too and this probiotic helps me keep it in check. I recently ran out of this and have been taking another brand of probiotic in the mean time. I have more hormonal breakouts and even little texture bumps on my forehead. Can’t wait to get it again. Worth every penny.


Loved this probiotic! I’ve been taking for months but since theres digestive enzymes in it I’m afraid I have to look for something else since I keep getting told taking them long term can interfere with the ability of the pancreas to create its own enzymes. Please Please tell me you have plans to make a probiotic without the digestive enzymes

Tiffany Montgomery

LOVE LOVE LOVE this supplement.

Julia McCarthy

This probiotic changed my life! I’ve had a pesky rash condition (granuloma annulare- it’s basically psoriasis) for two years and nothing has been able to help it clear. After taking these probiotics for a month straight I’m thrilled to report that it’s finally clearing! This is such a huge deal for me. Thank you Olivia !

Ashley K.

This product is amazing! I have been using it for over a year now and I will not use another product. I had bariatric surgery and these have been a game changer for me. They are the only probiotic that helps me to maintain regularity. Love this product so much, you can feel the love Olivia had while making this product in the end result! Amazing! THANK YOU from the bottom of my gut, Olivia!

Jody Mallonee

I found this site through the breast implant illness Facebook group and immediately ordered the parasite cleanse. It completely cleared up my bad gas and bloating. I now take this probiotic and also the keep it moving religiously. I love these products.

Sandra Lovos

This cured my dad’s recurrent UTI. My dad has been suffering from UTI’s for years. He has tried everything under the sun, but he would get little to no relief and it was never permanent. I started using the probiotic myself for bloating(works like a miracle) and then one day I had the genius idea that maybe since UTI is caused by bad bacteria maybe good bacteria can combat it. It worked! It also helped him with his own bloating from eating broccoli and cabbage. I am so thankful for all your products Olivia, your care and knowledge is like no one I’ve seen before.

Lexi Nestle

I started using this and after a few days noticed an unusual amount of blood in my stool. So I stopped using it and am now returned to normal. I’m worried to start using it again but I did notice it made me less bloated. Is that normal? Should I just continue taking it?


Love this formula! I am Italian and haven’t found anything similar on the market! It helps to clear my skin and helps my intestine functioning regular.


I never leave reviews, but thought I needed to with this product. All I can say is this has changed the way I feel completely! Ive been dealing with stomach pains for the longest time. I thought for a long time that the pain was a “NORMAL” , because I got it every night. I found Organic Olivia on Instagram and decided to give it a try. Just a few days in I noticed my stomach pain was gone!! I finished my last pill and just ordered another one! This will definitely be top of my list to purchase every month. Thanks Olivia!


I have had leaky gut, Candida and daily bouts of loose stools for years- this has been the only product to regulate me and do it quickly. The Candida has gone down as well. I am cautious of my HPA, gut brain too and have felt much calmer on them. I never review anything but after several months, i can’t imagine not taking them.


I dont leave reviews especially when it comes to health products. To be honest, I am a relatively healthy late 20 year old. But I started to notice I would be exhausted all the time, suffer from acute depression and couldn’t eat gluten or dairy. I bought this product while I was doing the paracleanse. And now I feel more energized, no more stomache aches from gluten or dairy and my moods have shifted DRAMATICALLY. This probiotic works. It’s pretty pricey but believe me, after you take this product your life changes.

Tara Swanson

If you struggle with hormonal cystic acne, TRY THIS!!! I have suffered from acne for 14 years and nothing has ever helped. Finally, I tried this probiotic and after taking it consistently for two months, my skin is totally clear. I am so so so grateful for this product and I will continue to use it!!!!


I don’t normally leave reviews, however these probiotics are a game-changer!! I will never go with out. Thank you Olivia 🙂


So glad I tried this a few months ago and I will never go without it again for as long as I can. This is the only things that has completely cured my hormonal cystic acne all around my jawline and neck. I love this stuff!!

Janae DeRush

This product is by far my favorite! I knew I needed a probiotic but never was able to stick to one. I haven’t stopped taking this in at least two, going on three months now. I’ve also noticed that my lady bits seem fresher and i don’t feel as self conscious down there. I really feel it’s helped me to better digest my food and alleviate bloating, as well as have regular BM’s everyday. I just need to be eating better, but I think once I start the ParaPro along with this I will REALLY get to see it shine. Until then, the benefits I’m already seeing have been enough to keep me going for a lifetime, if possible.

samarah martin

this plus liver juice was a game changer for me. I have also tried her parasite cleanse and mood juice.. all amazing products. I will continue to always buy from Olivia!! she cares!!! remember that!! and also remember to be patient with yourself 🙂 I am someone with major gut issues and her supplements have kept me at ease and my bloating, skin, and mood change bc of these products.


Is this safe ya take while pregnant?


Love this probiotic!! It cleared up my skin and gave me this wonderful texture I had never had before. Once I ran out I bought something else and it didn’t work at all like OO’s. I will use this as long as I can afford it. Also helped me with digestion, especially if I have any dairy. I love Organic Olivias products so much. So thankful for her.


This is my first bottle of the probiotic by Organic Olivia and I am liking it a lot. I have tried other probiotics in the past that I had to stop due to awful side effects like rashes. This is the first one that hasn’t bothered me to the point that I stop taking it. I have also noticed increased energy and less acne. I am 31 years old and am still having issues with breakouts. I believe this is helping and will continue to monitor. Overall I plan on repurchasing.


I love this probiotic! I see a major difference when I don’t use it verses when I do use it. If you are contemplating getting this probiotic, just go for it! You will not regret it. It has helped my acne and helps me go to the bathroom VERY regular. Easily 5 stars!


Good Product but way too expensive, if you bought a bottle every month (30 day supply comes in one bottle) at the end of the year it would rack up to be $539.40, there are other probiotics that have similar strains and are half the price with double the product. Also their website says that if it is ordered before a certain time then it will ship the same day but mine shipped two days later after only after I contacted customer support. Would love to keep supporting her products but it is unreasonable at this price.


I purchased this and it helped me feel less bloated, happier, cleaner, helped my food digest easier. soothed stomach pain. will always buy from Olivia!!!


i am always SO bloated. After taking the first pill of the bottle my boyfriend and I were mind blown by how flat my stomach was just an hour or 2 later. CRAZY!!! Already sold to the oo products but now I can’t shut up about it

Tyler motz

How much is a bottle of this me and my boyfriend are interested in getting a bottle soon if we as we cannot afford it right now due to virus


I usually never leave reviews but I definitely have to for this. I have dealt with digestive issues for about 3 years ever since I gained healthy weight which I did (30 pounds). A lot of the weight went to my lower body but a lot also went to the lower belly. I always felt so bloated even when I was in a caloric deficit. I looked like I was pregnant always. I started taking this a week ago and I have noticed a huge difference. I am not bloated even with being in a caloric surplus. It keep me regular. This product has really changed stomach issues so much! Thank you! Will definitely order again. This needs to be in stores!


I’ve tried a lot of different probiotics and hated all of them. But this probiotic is the best! I will never stop taking this stuff. If you are thinking about getting this probiotic for your hormonal acne, do it!! I have post pill acne and this didn’t completely clear up my acne but within the first two weeks of taking it my acne was noticeably softer and less red especially around my chin and jawline. After about a month of using this I also ordered the liver juice and wow it’s like the dynamic duo for acne(especially if you are post pill). The probiotic has also helped me become way more regular and my trips to the bathroom are easy and so much more enjoyable than they were before this probiotic! Thank you Olivia for these amazing products.


I have struggled with moderate to severe eczema on my hands for almost 8 years. Back and forth with dermatologists and allergists for years looking for solutions. I had tried E V E R Y T H I N G. Then I came across OO. I took this product along with her liver juice and let me tell you. Within a MONTH my eczema had disappeared and now almost a year later I am still 95% eczema free, with the occasional flare-up. My skin has healed and my confidence is at an all-time high. I am SO grateful.


This is the best probiotic, prebiotic, and digestive enzyme product I have found. I did tons of research and even talked to a well known scientist who develops probiotics and prebiotics to combat listeria on farms (we own an asparagus farm) and she said the stuff in the stores isn’t even worth the money or time to try it. This is very well developed though. I do have one question though, can you take this and the immuneshroom at the same time?

Carmen Dager

YES!!! It really does help your skin! Have been using it for a month and noticed only one small pimple with my period, usually get many around this time of the month. I’ve been going to the bathroom regularly! If you want to invest in something for your health, buy not your average probiotics!! Thank you Olivia


Does this need to be refrigerated after opening?


I’ve been taking this with the Liver Juice. My stomach bloat went away and felt so much better. I also noticed that some pimples showed up when I ran out (I took too long to reorder). My skin looks clearer and my stomach so much better. I didn’t think it was that bad but once I started taking these I realized what was “normal” for my stomach pains.


I will not reorder with organic olivia. I am not satisfied with their shipping process at all. Worst of the worst ;,(


I had been having regular stomach discomfort, irregular bowel movements and stomach aches. This product has helped me regulate my bowel movements and reduce my CONSTANT stomach aches. Would recommend to everyone looking to maintain a good gut microbiome. I take one tablet every morning and it works like a charm.

Nicole Mansingh

Since I was 20 (now I’m 29) I’ve always broke out around my chin area. The same pimples will pop up huge hard pimples that cannot pop. It was painful too. Also, little pimples on my arm and back of my thighs. I’m mad I didn’t come across this product earlier. But like they say it’s never too late, right? I feel amazing it’s ridiculous! I’ve been taking my probiotics my skin is smooth super smooth my face is glowing. I also take mane magic which is literally magic! I just purchased the Paraformula I’m super excited. I bought one for my mom and myself. Let’s see how that goes. Olivia you are a genius! I greatly appreciate your YouTube channel and website. Very informative. I’ve changed my eating habits as well. I’m also drinking nettle leaf every morning. My mom said growing up in the Dominican Republic they would give kids nettle leaf tea to avoid parasites and bacteria from growing in their tummy’s. Thank you so much! Can’t wait to receive my next order.


After a few days of taking I immediately noticed a difference. Typically, I am extremely bloated by the time I come home from work. On this probiotic I can honestly say there was not a night in the whole month of taking that I felt that bloat! After I ran out it only took a few days to return. I swear by this stuff and bought 2 bottles this time 🙂 Thank you so much for this product!

Priscilla Julian

I’ve only been taking it for a week and noticed that I don’t have any active breakouts for the first time in 10 YEARS. I literally wake up and start feeling across my face hoping I don’t get a breakout and after a week I felt NOTHING. This is the first product purchase from OO and she just got a lifelong customer. I have tried EVERYTHING to heal my acne but nothing has worked as good as this. As cliche as it is, I wish I would have ordered it sooner. Soooo grateful for this probiotic 💘

Mariah Kolodzie

This is such a life changing product.. I use it for heart burn and any stomach issue really. My boyfriend says it provides such HUGE relief to his IBS and almost instantly, we can’t live without it! Buying two bottles this time!!


I’ve had so many issues with bloating, GERD, IBS, hiatal hernia, excruciating chest pains from gerd and this probiotic has helped me with everything. I tried so many others before. I cannot live without this. Even if I have a busy/stressful month of travel and forget to take it daily with just one day or taking it again I feel the difference. Only thing is that I wish the pill was smaller.


I took one every night after dinner for an entire month. I didn’t realize how much it was helping me until I ran out. I didn’t have this probiotic for a little over a week and I was bloated and gassy. I just received my second bottle yesterday. I’m so excited to get back on this!


LOVE this for my entire family! Really keeps you regular and helps with tummy troubles!


Ever since I can remember I’ve had trouble with my stomach . I would have a bowel movement once, maybe twice a week, if I was lucky . I bought my first bottle last month . I started 25 days ago , since I only have 5 pills left , and I’ve been using the bathroom twice a day !!!! It started working for me right away. Just ordered my second bottle . Super grateful !!


I’ve dealt with extreme, painful blaoting and digestive issues for a long time, and this is the only probiotic that has ever worked for me. When I first started taking it, I took one capsule every night before bed. After a couple weeks without noticing any difference, I decided to start taking two a day — once in the morning before breakfast, and again at night before bed. After only a few days of doing this, my bloating has drastically improved, and so have my bathroom habits. My skin is also much clearer. I believe that my gut microbiome is SO damaged (due to years of unhealthy diet and antibiotics) that I will need to continue the two-a-day regimen until things become more balanced. When the time is right, I will go down to one-a-day to keep things maintained. I’ve also learned that it is extremely important to drink plenty of water and eat well, to aid the probiotic in doing its job! I give this product 5 stars and recommend it to anyone looking for a real, effective probiotic that is actually WORTH the price. So happy to have finally found something that works.


Honestly , it seems like I never even know what bloating is now after taking this probiotic. I am currently on my 3rd bottle and this has completely elimanted bloat and stomach discomforts I get easily with dairy or other inflammatory foods. This will and has been a staple in my routine for years to come! This and liver juice are my favorites by far.


No issues with the product. But the amount of capsules. Its a small bottle and only filled half way. It was a good thing I bought two, as i was able to combine them and discard one bottle. I also bought the adernal fatigue, it was the same size bottle but completely filled.


This product GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK. I had dealt with stomach issues for quite some time- towards the end it was to the point where I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything after eating because I would have to run straight to the bathroom….multiple times. A few weeks after taking Olivia’s probiotics I was back to normal, I took them for two months total. I can now actually socialize after meals without the fear of where the closest bathroom is! Forever thankful for this product!


I love this and liver juice and digestive juice! Like what another user stated, I also really wish that there could be 3 mth bottles so that i could buy min 2 and last me longer. I now have empty glass bottles and not sure what to do with them.. also wish that intl shipping could be lower once users exceed a certain amount..

Leah Pinault

any other probiotic helps me feel better, sure, but this one saves me! if i ever feel bloating or indigestion coming on, this bad boy nips it in the butt. my partner who is usually so bad at taking any sort of supplement never fails with these because he says he feels so noticeably better! truly healing and protective of the gut.

Emily S

The first products I tried from Organic Olivia were the ParaPro, Probiotic, GI Rescue, Adrenal formula and Liver Juice. I noticed such a distinct and positive difference in my energy, sleep rhythm, how i felt after eating within a few days! I had been vegan for 4 years when i did my first round of parasite cleansing & i deff noticed some critters being expelled. But most importantly, I was experiencing some financial hardships so I purchased other brands of pro+prebiotics instead of organic olivia’s and I regret it sooo much. They’ve done nothing but cause me even more problems!! Bloating, constipation, weird breath! I’m hooked on Organic Olivia for life!!


LIFE CHANGING. Over the last 6 years I’ve spent thousands of pounds and dollars to try and heal what doctors labelled “IBS – no cause, no cure” I’ve hired best in their field nutritional experts and told I could never eat carbs again, I’ve bought several pricey manuals and books, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, every diet I could find and nothing worked. I first found digestive juice after following Olivia for years and figured I’d give it a try. It helped more than anything I’d tried before, and it improved my bloating by about 60%. I trusted her products and wanted to reach the next level so I bought the probiotic. It took a couple of weeks to notice results but when they began to kick in, I was dumbfounded and in total awe. 6 whole years of struggling and something finally worked!! I can wear bodysuits and skirts now, something I only dreamed of before. I will never stop buying this (although would love for intl. Shipping costs to be lower and to be able to buy a big 3 month bottle!) Olivia, I owe you my life. Thank you!!


After a bottle of this, my nails grew to a point I had never seen in my life. I kept looking down thinking I had fake tips. Nope! They also became very strong!


I’ve been taking this for almost a month along with Parapro and Flow Balance and I am SO SO GRATEFUL. For awhile now I’ve had relentless hormonal cystic acne on my chin. Whenever some pimples began to heal, I swear 4 more popped up to say hello. It was neverending. But I haven’t had ANY of that since I started taking Olivia’s products and I am so happy that my skin can finally heal and be clear. THANK YOU THANK YOU. It really works.


I would like to begin with I LOVE everything Olivia stands for. I have several of her products and Mood juice does make me feel a bit off. This probiotic I have taken it 3xs. Everytime I felt off nauseated NOT WELL AT ALL and made my tongue so dry I had to drink tons of water. I did email support and they said its “probably” the die off effects. I’m hoping this is the case but I dont know if maybe I’m allergic or if thats even possible since everyone has great reviews? Im gonna keep trying but i feel so much worse when I have taken it. I do however, love her brain juice. I’m kind of scared to try Parapro or anything else at this point. I own sleep and Liver and have not tried them since Im worried about how I might feel after.


This is my first time writing a review for any product but I am taking the time to do so because this product is simply amazing!! I suffer from Chrons so I wanted to try this probiotic as I read the reviews and everyone seems to love it, well now I know why. I had really bad acne for over three years and tried several products from proactive, to expensive facials, you name it I did it! I am on my first bottle of Not your average Probiotic and my skin has never looked better!! My skin is completely clean, no blemishes,, NOTHING! I have wanted my skin to look like this for years and I am now obsessed with this not to mention within and Chrons wise I feel amazing. I also use the sleep drops which have helped me sleep so well, since I always had interrupted sleep and now I sleep through the night. Thank you so much Olivia for this amazing product. I cannot wait to try everything else (because at this point I am addicted to your products because they just WORK!!)


Great product, I’ve been using for about two weeks and I already feel a difference. My bowels have been more frequent and I am way less bloated. My cravings I feel have been cut in half too! My only issue with this is that it’s too pricey for only 30 capsules. Not sure if I can afford to continue on it but glad I tried it.


This is the 3rd time I’ve ordered these probiotics, and let me tell you. These are MAGIC! These are by far the BEST probiotics I have EVER used, hands down. I’m more regular than ever, and I’m able to process gluten surprisingly well when on these vs the usual horrid bloat I get when I have any gluten. Also, I’ve experienced clear vibrant skin. Olivia knows her stuff guys! Healthy skin begins in the gut! Also, don’t get fooled by the myths of how refrigerated probiotics are better, if those guys can’t even survive without being refrigerated, how can they withstand the acids in your stomach? I fully stand by non-refrigerated probiotics, and Not your average probiotics are really not your average! Customer for life!


I suffered from chronic UTI for 3 years. I had a round of antibiotics about every 2 – 4 weeks. It was awful and ruined my stomach. I couldn’t eat anything without suffering from incredibly bad and painful indigestion. I suspected that probiotics would help me but even my favorite brands were no match. I’ve loved organic Olivia’s blog ever since I had a terrible parasite infection a few years ago and saw that her probiotic was considered by some to be ~magical~…and omg it really is. My stomach is FLAWLESS now. It literally only took a few days on the probiotic to feel better. I kick myself for not trying it sooner and I will never try anything else again! thank you so much for healing me!! My quality of life is has improved drastically. Some might complain about price but I’ve never had anything like this. Worth every penny.


TMI!! I had horrible food poisoning in March. Like, it was one of the worst ones I had ever experienced. I was sick for 3 days and it took about a week before I had solid stools again. Afterward my skin started to break out horribly, mostly covering my entire forehead. I blamed it on hormones because I am 6 months postpartum and exclusively breastfeeding. But it wasn’t getting any better. Not even the slightest.. I watched your OG acne video about Chinese face mapping and how the forehead is intestinal toxicity. I needed to heal my gut! After my food poisoning I was eating all kinds of crap to make my stools hard. Rice, Mac and cheese, toast, mashed potatoes, a baking sheet of lactation cookies. I didn’t know any better! After watching the video I knew I needed some probiotics and some L-lysine. So I ordered Not Your Average Probiotic and hit up my local Mother’s Market for the L-Lysine. I’ve been taking the two consistently for about 2 weeks now, also cutting out sugar, dairy, keeping hydrated, and exercising. The last couple of days I noticed my tongue is pinker when I go to brush my teeth in the morning and at night and my skin is actually clearing up! It’s not 100% clear but I’d say 85% of my face is CLEAR of zits and pimples! I’m thrilled! I can’t say enough how happy I am over this product. It’s the bomb guys!! You’ve got to get it! Now I’m super obsessed with healing my gut and cannot wait to take Parapro and Liver Juice once I’m not nursing anymore. Thank you Organic Olivia. I’m so excited to see how my skin will look in another 2 weeks!!!!


Love this stuff! Really works but too pricey for only 30 capsules.


I have every single product Olivia has created and this one for me is a MUST HAVE. I take it every night with a huge glass of water and it helps so much with bowel movements (next morning I’m already going)!! Seriously it’s the best probiotic I’ve ever tried and it contains digestive enzymes as well which is rare for other probiotics to have!


I love this probiotic and it came when I needed it most. I had been going through crazy anxiety and appetite changes for months and figured a probiotic could help with my stomach. At first I didn’t notice anything but maybe 2 weeks in my appetite started coming back and I wasn’t getting episodes of panic/anxiety attacks (which turned out to be iron deficiency) . I had been eating much healthier for a while before these episodes but in conjunction with this probiotic and a multivitamin everything changed for the better. I wasn’t even craving anything with sugar and when I ran out I knew I needed to get back on it as my sugar cravings came back and my skin was acting weird . I’m so glad that I found this company and will definitely be loyal customer .

Jackie Villegas

Absolutely works. It truly gets rid of those little critters a.k.a parasites inside of you. And you do go through a die-off effect which is horrible, but worth it. To get your health back. Do recommend it.


I am in love with this product! I have tried every probiotic out there and this one is hands down the best in the market! I have noticed significant improvement in my digestion and even skin since starting this probiotic. I now try to keep an extra bottle in stock so I don’t risk running out and it being out of stock – it’s that good! Olivia’s products are game changers if you’re looking to improve your overall health or treat a specific issue!

Allison M.

I have been on a good probiotic for years, so I did not find taking this to be life-changing like some reviewers have. That being said, I really did like the probiotic and appreciate that it’s shelf stable and travel-friendly. I’m only giving it four stars because the price to pretty high for a 30-day supply. However, I’m going to put this in my rotation and will definitely recommend that others try it.

Jessica Washington

This probiotic is amazing!! I have used Olivia’s produces for years so I knew this would be great but I didn’t know it would be so fantastic. I am much more regular and hardly ever get bloated.


My bowel movements are more than regular from this, which is something I struggled with my entire life. This is the best formula I have ever used.


STOP OVERTHINKING AND BUY. IT WILL DO EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE. When I purchased this, I thought it would be a one time thing. It has changed my life and I will never stop buying it. You somehow find the money to keep up with her supplements. The earth will literally give it to you. I have has improved bloating and improved acne. My skin has never looked better. This + liver juice is a must. I can’t wait to try my parapro. BUY THIS. I ran out and after three days I began to break out again. Insane!


CHANGED MY LIFE. No joke, this is the best supplement that I have ever bought. I have had IBS-C for 20 years. I’ve tried literally everything possible and nothing worked. I am now going to the bathroom at least once every single day, sometimes more. I feel like I have my life back. After spending years searching it is such a relief to find something that actually works. Thank you so much Olivia!!


I have noticed such a positive different with my acne since taking this product. Nothing else helped clear my back acne for years and I’ve tried everything. Within just a couple days of taking it, it seemed to clear up most of my acne. When I ran out of it once, it seemed like I began getting a few spots again. I highly recommend this product for good digestion too! I overall feel better physically and emotionally.


When is the best time to take the probiotic? In the morning or at night?


I am skeptical of most probiotics as I have Crohn’s disease. I got this over the holiday and finally got around to taking it two weeks ago. Some background, I have had diarrhea for almost an entire year because of my IBD. The second day I took this, I had my first normal BM. I almost cried. For two weeks straight, I have had normal BM’s like I had before Crohns. I am a believer in this product and can’t see what it will do in the long run for Crohn’s disease.


I love this probiotic! I’ve taken many brands in the past and I’ve never felt like one worked anywhere close to Organic Olivia’s formula. It’s helped so much with bloating. I’m so happy I found this product!


I was having very bad stomach pains. I ended up purchasing this and the digestive juice and I’m so happy I did. It has me feeling soooooo much better. Only thing is it only brings 30 capsules which is fine but for me I’m a visual buyer so in the photo the bottle looks full to the top so I was thinking I was getting a full to the top bottle lol. OVERALL, amazing product and I will continue to purchase as long as I keep getting good results.


Ok so I’ve tried so many different probiotics I’ve lost count and NONE of them worked for me. I became extremely sick from toxic mold last year and was diagnosed with a myriad of health issues from CIRS, MCAS, MCS, chronic EBV, SIBO, the list goes on. I also developed severe acne from mold also. This is the ONLY probiotic I’ve found that ACTUALLY WORKS!!! AND IS CLEARING MY ACNE!! Thank you SO much Olivia for making this, truly a godsend!!!


WOW!!!! I am still in shock from how effective this probiotic is. I’ve developed chronic constipation nearly all my life due to having a neurogenic bowel. I’ve tried many probiotics to ease my digestive issues and none of them have helped as much as this one. I would always have to depend on laxatives to have daily bowel movements and eventually my body got used to laxatives and they’re barely working for me now BUTTTT this probiotic ALONE is helping me have not one, but multiple bowel movements a day. I am still in awe about the potency of this product. I truly mean it when I say this product is life changing for me, chronic constipation brings a toll to my life because I’m mostly always sluggish and feeling heavy. This probiotic helps me feel very light and regulated. I am way less bloated. So thankful for Olivia and her dedication to her research & products. Forever thankful!!!!!

danielle beauvoir

Wow. Got this for myself on Black Friday – my ph felt off and my face was requiring wayyy more attention than usual for even one good skin day. I started taking NYA and in about a week my skin had completely calmed down and even improved! The only breakouts I get now are surface from overnight makeup or touching my face. DEFINITELY worth a buy


i love this probiotic. I have the absolute worst problem with bloating after meals, particularly any grains and carbs. After starting to take this probiotic, it immediately helped my bloating and assisted in my gut issues. love this stuff!


My wife and I have been using this probiotic for a month now. I know it’s generally one bottle for each but we make due for now. I can definitely tell the difference in my digestion when I take it. My stomach is less bloated and less achy. I feel good that there are no fillers or unecassary additives in this formula. I’ve recommend it to everyone in my family. Thank you!


You guys… this probiotic is magic. I’ve been suffering from IBS issues for the past 10 years of my life and have tried so many things to make my gut happy… needless to say nothing has really made the cut, except this probiotic. A week into taking it, I could already see a huge difference not only in my gut and body, but also in my mood! I highly recommend you stock up on this product when it’s in stock!


There couldn’t really be a more perfect name than “Not Your Average Probiotic.” No fallacy, no fairytale – it really isn’t your average probiotic. Getting to the root of problems is what Olivia and her team of herbal superheroes tends to do. I’ve taken several other brands of probiotics prior to this one and saw no physical changes. I bought this over Black Friday sale and took them first thing every morning once I got them in the mail. Wonderful with a capital W (as you can see). My face cleared up (I didn’t change any part of my skincare routine), I wasn’t bloated AT ALL, I felt lighter and more energized. It whooped my gut into shape. I’m borderline devastated it’s out of stock and I would be anxious out of my mind waiting for it to be the 26th if it weren’t for Peace Juice lol! Plan on getting one for myself and one for my dad. And when I get my credit cards “back down” from Christmas presents (smh) I’m buying like 5 at a time so I may never run out again!


Heard really good reviews about this product but always out of stock. I am waiting to order just hope it comes back into stock.

Alexandra I.

I have been using this probiotic religiously for about 6 months now. I’ve tried countless other brands and nothing compares. I used to take all three: prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes separately… but with this product I no longer have to buy a million things or feel like I’m taking a million supplements every day. so much easier and cost efficient this way when you consider that. i take this at night about an hour after dinner, and i ALWAYS wake up with a non-bloated tummy. it took a month or two to really feel a huge difference (like it definitely helped right away noticeably with my digestion), but as of now after months of consistently using… i can not live without. SO THEY BETTER COME BACK IN STOCK SOON BC IM ALMOST OUT AND I REFUSE TO USE ANYTHING ELSE!!!! Love you Olivia, thank you for being a genius. Forever a fan of every single product you dream up and develop. You’re changing lives. -alex

Stephanie Castano

I absolutely love this product! I was hesitant to try it because I’ve tried many probiotics and never worked for me. But this product is a life saver! I’m running on 7 pills and need to order soon!! Please please don’t ever stop making these!!


I absolutely love this product! I was hesitant to try it because I’ve tried many probiotics and never worked for me. But this product is a life saver! I’m running on 7 pills and need to order soon!! Please please don’t ever stop making these!!

Antoneta Pjetri

Olivia’s products are amazing! What sold me was the trust, I just trusted her and I trusted her product. I enjoy all of her products and I especially can’t wait for her hair product to come out hehe. Her probiotics are perfect and natural.


Love this product! Its a 3 in one which makes it so amazing. All of Olivia’s products have been so good to me, you take them knowing they can do no harm, its all natural goodness.


This probiotic leaves me feeling good. Since using it, I have experienced less bloating. I just wish a larger bottle was available .


Best thing ever. Whenever my tummy seems upset or is acting funny, I take this and it will calm or I’ll go restroom and then it’s fine after that. Works like magic and it’s my lifesaver!


I am in LOVE with this probiotic! I have only been taking it for 7 days and I feel amazing. I cannot even tell you how long it has been since I have felt consistently GOOD. It’s been a year. I am even less anxious at work since I stopped worrying about stomach issues. I am sold! Just ordered Mood Juice and Brain Juice. Can’t wait to try them both!


Love the product only downfall is usually out of stock. Next time buying 3 at a time!

Jessica Pellegrino

Love the product only downfall is usually out of stock. Next time buying 3 at a time!


I have taken this for about a month. The first thing i noticed was that there was a drastic reduction of diarehha/constipation during my period. I don’t know why but whenever I come on my period my stomach/gas is out of control, much better this cycle and more complete bm. Thank you for this product.


I’ve been using the probiotics at night since Thats when it’s tecommended to take them while on the Parapro formula, so in the beginning I couldn’t notice much of a difference but one day in like the tenth day in I forgot to take the probiotics and it made a huge difference in how I felt! So, so far I like how I feel taking them and the fact that’s it’s effects are long term is great! I would definitely purchase these again.


This probiotic is AMAZING! I’ve dealt with bloating after meals and stomach discomfort for years and other probiotics I have tried have helped only a little bit. The first day I tried this probiotic, my stomach issues almost completely disappeared! I was on 50 Billion before too and was worried that only 20 billion in this probiotic wouldn’t be enough, but it’s really quality over quantity here! Thank you so much Olivia this is amazing!!


This is literally the best probiotic I have ever used — I have been suffering from bloating, brain fog, and jawline acne on and off the past 7 years or so, this means I have tried everything you could possibly dream of trying to get my gut back to itself again. I have tried numerous probiotics and nothing compares to this unique formula. It is the only probiotic I have tried that really never bloats me at all. I feel more energetic when I take them, my skin clears up and most importantly my gut feels amazing! Thank you Olivia, this has been a life saver. I travel a lot and these are my holy grails when traveling as they don’t need to be refrigerated!


Hi! Any idea when this will be back in stock?


I ran out of this product and went back to the probiotic I was using before, since I had some left over. This product was clear cut better for my body, which was made sooo obvious by BM’s! The name is perfect, it is truly not your average probiotic. I will be sticking with this probiotic as long as my body feels it’s needed <3

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