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Health Benefits
  • Year-round immune support (especially during colder months)
  • Bolsters immunity during times of stress and poor sleep
  • Supports your body’s production of “natural killer cells” that fight harmful organisms
  • Can be taken daily for prevention or in acute doses to minimize the duration of a bug
  • A favorite of customers who are teachers or nurses and work around many different people
  • Safe and gentle for daily use 
  • Year-round immune support
  • Boosts the body’s defenses
  • Seasonal protection
  • Support during stress

In Eastern Medicine, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure. That’s where our superfood mushroom, immune-supporting supplement comes in: so that your body is ready to battle as hard as you are! This formula was designed to help you get sick less and enjoy life more.

Made with 5 superfood mushrooms, Immune-Shroom contains the deepest-acting compounds that nature has to offer so that your immune system is functioning optimally 365 days a year. This formula was created to be taken daily in order to help prevent sickness, but can also be taken at higher doses when you feel something coming on.

This blend is a favorite of many teachers, nurses, and those who work in an office setting where they’re exposed to many different people. It’s also wonderful for those who experience chronic or recurring bugs that they can’t seem to shake.

  1. Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis) – adaptogen (great for hormones & stress), excellent for fatigue issues, supports ATP (energy) production in the cells, helps bring oxygen to the lungs and blood, aids respiratory issues, supports healthy cholesterol levels
  2. Turkey Tail (Coriolus versicolor) – supports the immune system during cold season, modulates the immune response
  3. Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) – “Nourish the Heart and Pacify the Spirit” (TCM) – excellent for mediating the allergic response, supports the body’s macrophages/T-cells
  4. Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) – supports cardiovascular health, antimicrobial properties, boosts energy and brain function
  5. Agaricus (Agaricus blazei) – boosts immunity, promotes a healthy weight, supports liver function, supports a healthy insulin response, contins beta glucans that can bind to heavy metals.

Our formula also contains a patented black pepper extract, Bioperine, which is shown to increase the absorption of nutrients in supplements by up to 229%.

1. When is this best taken? You can either take 1-2 capsules every day with your regular supplements to boost your immune response against any bugs that are going around, OR you can take Immune Shroom at the very first sign of sickness to nip it in the bud. When using it this way, you can take 2 capsules 2-3 times per day until you start feeling better. 2. Can I take these with your other supplements? Absolutely. ImmuneShroom can be combined with any of our other supplements.


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Victoria Perales

I LOVE this stuff. I’m usually sick multiple times a year, especially during the winter season. I’ve been taking this for months now, daily, and whenever I feel a bug coming on I take more throughout the day and it goes away! It’s so amazing, I’ve hooked my family members on it too!

Tara Swanson

THIS is the most important supplement in my routine!! I cannot say enough HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS!!! My entire life I have gotten very sick three times a year with the flu, bronchitis, or some similar illness and the sickness would last two weeks to one month. In 2019, I was sick three different times (Feb, Oct, & Dec) and spent a total of 3 months out of my year miserable. My coworkers would even make fun of me for how sick I would get and ask if I had an immune system. At the beginning of 2020 I began taking Immuneshroom with my Organic Olivia probiotics. I did not get sick ONE TIME last year. Not once. I will NEVER stop buying this supplement! If you are a person who gets sick frequently, please please please try this!


All I can say is wow! I have always been one of those people who is constantly fighting a cold or getting sick. Since taking this consistently for about 10 months now, I have not been sick once! I can truly say this is the magic supplement I have been waiting for.


I have lupus and taking this regularly really seems to help me with my energy levels. I notice a meaningful difference in how I feel when I run out.

Sabrina Mubiru

Through Olivias Instagram post I learned about the importance of mushrooms and their effects on immunity, mood etc. I purchased the immune shroom which assisted me on my journey to learning more about mushrooms and how they can help me. I enjoyed the fact that I was able to add this into my daily life with regards to the mushrooms & it have a positive affect on not just immunity but mood also.


I started taking this as immune support a few months ago. Not only have I not been sick since taking it, but it has magically cleared up the severe keratosis Pilaris I’ve suffered from my entire life. Special diets, creams and oils have never worked me- but this did in an unexpected surprise!


I have been taking immune shroom religiously for months now for overall immune support and let me tell you I REALLY believe this thing works! My boyfriend (whom I live, sleep, and essentially breathe with) had Strep Throat a few weeks ago and I DID NOT GET IT. And Im not sure if every single person is aware of this but Strep is KNOWN to be contagious. And this may be TMI but I even tongue kissed this dude before realizing that his issue was Strep (crying emoji face). Basically what Im trying to say is Im healthy af and I definitely believe Immune Shroom is one of the primary contributors! Also, theres a negative review here about OO’s customer service and I feel compelled to let you all know that from personal experience I was floored by the quality of OO’s customer service. One of the products I purchased was delivered defected and I emailed them and received not only a prompt reply, but a replacement in literally less than a week, as well as a discount code for my next purchase just because of the inconvenience. I can not say enough about how AH-MAZING this brand is as a whole. Thank you OO <3

Meggie Gleaves

I purchased this in the hopes it would keep my immune system in check with two kids in daycare. I was NOT expecting it to heal a rash that I’ve had on and off since January. I thought it was hormones (pregnant) and figured it would clear up on its own. After using Immune Shroom for only a week, it’s gone! Thank you OO, you truly are doing Gods work here on earth.

Lidia Byall

I’m loving my Immune Shroom, I have a little problem to sleep, can you tell please I like to take something natural, with you recommended, thank you very much.

Isabel M

I have been using immune shroom since February, and have not been sick once! I love love this product and buy it for my friends and family during this pandemic and have kept everyone healthy. Thank you Organic Olivia ❤️


I’ve been taking two Immune Shroom capsules a day since September 2019. I have not been sick since then. Prior to taking Immune Shrooms I would catch a cold every 3-4 months. I’ve gone almost an entire year without being sick. These are amazing!


I started taking this when I felt a sore throat coming on and have to admit I think it helped alleviate that but unfortunately it also made me break out in extremely itchy hives all over my body 🙁 I’ve eaten mushrooms all my life so not sure what’s going on but it was very unpleasant.

Hannah F.

I’m loving my Immune Shroom. I’ve stayed healthy since I’ve been taking it (knock on wood), and feel good overall. Thank you!

Adrienne Cantor

Started taking Immune Shroom about 6 weeks ago and so have to say lately I feel a lot more energized and just feeling great all around. I also take many other supplements from Organic Olivia and are very happy with all the products. Her probiotic prebiotic supplements have helped my gut biome tremendously! I recommend the Immune Shroom if you are in need of a kick to your immune system.

Michelle Karpaitis

LOVE this product and use it daily! I have family history of autoimmune disease and have felt my immune system is compromised if I am not living a healthy lifestyle. I feel Immune Shroom has helped me give my immune system that extra boost!

Kilee Richards

I cannot say enough good things about Immune Shroom! Since taking Immune Shroom I have noticed a huge difference in the overall function and feeling of my body. Prior to taking Immune Shroom I had a hemorrhoid and within a week of taking this product, my hemorrhoid (that was not going away with any other treatment) was gone. 100% gone, was like it never happened. I am hooked on this product. 100% recommend!

Martha G.

I’ve been taking these for a while now and so far I’ve been feeling great. However, I do want to thank you for creating this. Long story short, our sweet four year old who’s on the spectrum and nonverbal got attacked by what appeared to be yellow jacket wasps when he went to his play area. He ran towards me crying and I immediately grabbed him as soon as I saw the wasps and swat them away. Ran indoors with him and desperately looked in our medicine cubby to see what I could give him since he was stung four times and I didn’t know if he was allergic to them. Thankfully he was not, but he was crying, itchy, and in pain. Some topical cream helped with the itching but he still continued to cry from the pain and within minutes one of his ears began to swell. Desperate to help him I grabbed Immune Shroom (1/2 capsule) and the Allergy Defense Tonic (5 drops) and mixed to two and gave it to him. I kid you not, within 15 minutes most of the swelling went down and he was his happy self again. I’m pretty confident that these one or these two products somehow helped him.


So far so good on this product! I ordered 3 bottles to boost my family’s immune system during this pandemic. Hard to say for sure if we are still healthy because of this or because we’ve been strict with our quarantine, but I can say for sure that I started to notice symptoms of a yeast infection on a Friday and was told I wouldn’t be able to get medication from my pharmacy until Tuesday. Ladies know that every day with this sort of infection the symptoms get two or three times worse. In an effort to ward off a miserable weekend, I doubled down on my immune shroom and by Tuesday I didn’t need to fill my prescription!


I got this for my autoimmune disease (Hashimotos) and have noticed a HUGE difference in inflammation and energy within the past month!


Love love love this stuff! I decided to grab a bottle of this when it came back in stock and I’m so glad I did. Using it for immune support and and to fight some ongoing low grade GI inflammation. I’ve already noticed a difference in how I feel and will definitely be stocking up again soon.

Bridgette Hamblen

I got the immuneshroom for obvious reasons, to support my immune system. What I wasn’t expecting, was a huge change in my mood and energy since I started taking it! I’m so absolutely thrilled with it and so grateful for it!

Gloria Willoughby

I think shroom has given me more energy; especially in the morning. I haven’t had a cold. I’m 75 years old.

Soledad Druse

I ordered immune shroom and I was very excited about the possibility that it would enhance my immune system and it may very well have been able to, but after already buying it and doing some research I found that it probably wasn’t a good idea for me to be taking. People who are on any sort of anti platelet medications or anticoagulants should be careful and talk to their doctor before taking supplements such as these. The trouble is that the major resources in the US for drug and supplement interactions do not list supplements used in Chinese medicine, but if you look up the mushrooms individually you will find that they can increase a risk of bleeding with those medications. This is also true for quercetin. Probably great on its own, judging by reviews, but I can’t vouch for it because I couldn’t take it.


I was gifted immmune shroom from my daughter last year. I am so happy with how I am feeling after taking it regularly. I haven’t gotten sick, I am worried free and super energized. I have so much faith in this product and can attest of its great health benefits that I have been purchasing it to gift my family members that would benefit from it. I am a fan of sweet Organic Olivia and her products. Thank you for caring for your community and offering such awesome products. Much love.


I started taking immuneshroom for regular immune support but didn’t fully realize the massive effect it would have on my eczema. I had about 4 inch patches of eczema on the inner side of my elbows. Within 2 days, it started fading and the itchiness was subsiding. Within 1 week, it was fully gone. All the non-toxic creams weren’t doing much and it was driving me crazy. I knew eczema was an internal/immune issue, but didn’t even think about the connection before I tried this product. Not only this, but after being severely sick in October 2019, I had been very congested ever since. No doctor could tell me what was wrong. My congestion cleared up overnight. Now, this is an absolute must-have for me and my family! Thank you so much, Olivia! This completely alleviated the daily discomfort I had.

Enerel Mandakh

Can this be taken while breastfeeding?


I got this for immune support but these mushrooms have actually been helping my anxiety so much! I suffer from panic attacks and the first day I took these I felt weirdly calm compared to my everyday anxiety but I didn’t think it had anything to do with these. Today is my 4th day on these and I almost wanna cry because I have been so calm even when I think about something that makes me anxious my body doesn’t react in panic mode anymore my heart rate stays calm and I breathe and realize everything will be ok. These really are magic for immune support and anxiety thank you for all you create Olivia !


Hi I am trying to purchase the immuneshroom 4 bottles and under the picture on your website it shows to use code immune15 for 15% off but it won’t work 🙁 would love some help thank you!


Can this help someone with rheumatoid arthritis?


I never leave reviews but this product is amazing. I went from getting sick 3-4 times every winter to not getting sick even once. My body and immune system have never felt stronger! Thank you Olivia <3


I’m on my second bottle and I feel like it’s making a difference! I’m a nurse and work has been extra stressful with the current health crisis in our country. I have been taking this every day since before all this craziness got going, and I’m glad I did! I feel like Immuneshroom gives my body extra support in managing stress to keep me healthy despite working with sick patients and fellow staff members who have ended up getting sick. I will absolutely keep taking this product, please restock soon! Thanks Olivia! 💜

Emily Bouvier

Having 0 immune system (or so the doctors think because of my autoimmune disorders) it sure feels like I have one now!! This is the first year I’ve not gotten sick and also the first year I’ve consistently used this product daily. I don’t believe in coincidence, I believe in Olivia and these products!!


Love this product. It’s proven to me to be a game changer.

Hildita Petiton

Hi! that product safe for children? Thank you in advance

Lauren Hardt

I used to be sick ALL.THE.TIME. Every little cold that went around, I’d get it. And then I’d try to “wait it out” (not wanting to go to the doctor or take western pharmaceuticals for a simple virus) but eventually, it’d turn into bronchitis. Or sometimes pneumonia. #sofun. I can’t remember who introduced me to Organic Olivia but when I found ImmuneShroom I ordered immediately. I have not been taking it for over a year. I have had ONE cold, and it was incredibly minor and over very quickly. I love this product (and all from Organic Olivia) and recommend it to everyone!

Ariane Shipes

I have been following Organic Olivia since probably 2014, I love all of her positive and informative messages that she gives to the public for FREE! Immune shroom + Allergy defense tonic were the first two products I’ve ever bought from her just recently. I work in a dental office so I’m always vulnerable to different colds and viruses going around. This past November I felt like I was literally sick with something through January of the new year. Ever since taking immune shroom + allergy defense tonic I’ve noticed I feel better overall. No stuffy nose all day from sinus issues, no sore throat from tonsillitis, no more cold issues! Needless to say, I just ordered another bottle of immune shroom and now I’m trying the Elderberry syrup as well to keep my immune system up. Thank you so much Olivia for putting so much love and rawness into your products!


ok so I had been taking these for almost a month and while i can’t really tell if my immunity improved I can say that I didn’t get sick after I had been getting sick every month from Nov – Feb. BUT I did notice I felt a lil itchy, but no rash. I looked up the ingredients in this and other things I had just introduced into my routine and it turns out one of the mushrooms in here can cause itchiness. I read the reviews and another person said her and her husband developed a rash. So I guess you just have to take it and see. I had bought two bottles so I’m letting my husband take them. Hopefully he’s ok. haha!


I’ve been taking this as preventative immune support for a month now. I work in a hot yoga studio where I come in contact with hundreds of people each week and also have a full rolfing & craniosacral therapy practice….so what I’m getting at is, lots of close exposure to large numbers of people each week. During this intense past month of people having colds and flu, I have felt vibrant, healthy and strong. I think immune shroom is an invaluable tool in my self care kit, keeping me able to stay well, adaptable and able to work through this flu/cold season with ease.

Patricia Gonzalez Trujillo

Immune shroom is one of my go to products from Olivia. I work as a children’s therapist in a clinic full of kids. I’ve been taking immune shroom for 2 years now. I went one month without taking it and I got sick 4 times in a matter of 45 days! I also like it because if I do get sick (taking this stuff every day, it’s really hard for that to happen), it prevents the cold from getting worse. I like to take immune shroom along with elderberry syrup and the cough medicine Olivia has. I would honestly recommend this if you’re someone who’s constantly getting sick.


Love this product so much!!!! I take It everyday alongside the liver juice and I’ve seen so many improvements with my immune system since i started. My energy overall has benefited also,l and it’s helping me fight against any icky feeling that my body comes in contact with.


This was one of the first OO products I purchased and I am so glad that I did! I am a caseworker and I am often in and out of many homes for my job. Most times the families do not notify me when they are sick so I am unfortunately exposed to their germs. While using this, I have not been sick and when I felt like I would be sick, I increased the dosage and the next day I felt back to normal. Thank you for making such amazing and healthy products!

Kim Zazueta

I work with kids and I have one kiddo in particular that gets sick all the time. I was starting to catch a cold at least once a month. I finally bought this product and it has been a life saver!! It’s been 2 months and I have been feeling great. I’ve even accidentally drank from friends’ drinks when they were sick and I’ve been totally fine. Although I still immediately run home to chug some elderberry syrup. Recommending this product to every I know…and the occasional strange. So thankful for all that you do!


This was one of the first products I ordered from OO. I’ve repurchased a couple of times because it has definitely helped me avoid the cold and flu when everyone around me is sick.


Love this product and love that it has bioperine in it. I bought it mainly for immunity purposes but I feel so much better everyday when I take this. I notice a huge difference in my energy and overall feeling of wellness when I do/don’t take it. Thank you Olivia!


Ive been taking the immune shroom for about two months and haven’t gotten sick. I’ve had a really compromised immune system the last two years and seemed to catch everything I came in contact with. I believe this supplement was a huge factor in my staying well. It also seems to help me heal from the many issues I’ve experienced the last few years including a chronic sinus infection. I am so thankful for such a great product.

Jesse Wood

Been taking it for a few days. I don’t notice any difference yet


Immune Shroom has kept me from getting sick during the holiday season. I am also a school teacher, so I need to feel my best day after day and immune shroom does just that. Thank you for creating yet again another amazing product.


Immune Shroom has kept me from getting sick during the holiday season. I am also a school teacher, so I need to feel my best day after day and immune shroom helps. Thank you for creating yet again another amazing product.


This is the most amazing thing I have ever had for the immune system. Highly recommend! I will be repurchasing every month to help my boost my immune system!


This is the most amazing thing I have ever had for the immune system. Highly recommend.


LOVE this stuff!! I love that it’s immune modulating vs. stimulating! My husband and I have been using it for quite a while, and I don’t get sick nearly as much as I used to

Amber S.

I’ve been buying Immune Shroom for about 2 years now! I love this supplement so much. I take it daily and if I feel a cold coming on, I double the dosage. I refuse to let my supply dwindle down. Last year when everyone was catching the flu and whatever else was out there, I went about my normal routine and didn’t get sick at all. I’m 98% positive this supplement kept me in the clear in addition to the other few supplements I take. I highly recommend this product!


I just wanted to add an update! I last reviewed in February 2017. I am so proud to say that I have not been sick ONE time since then. Since taking this supplement daily: I no longer have recurrent strep throat. Actually, I’ve not even had one “cold” since February 2017. Taking immune shroom and washing my hands are the only two things I do consistently. I don’t take any other supplements, I don’t make time to exercise regularly and I don’t eat as healthy as I should. I am here to say immune shroom alone, has improved my quality of life. Immune shroom is worth every cent and more.


I typically try to bulk up on immune support during the winter months, when I tend to be overworked and burnt out and can use all the extra support I can. Usually I use a basic store bought multivitamin, but for the past month I’ve been using this in conjunction with zinc and echinacea supplements. Every time I’ve felt something coming on, I’ve bumped my dose to twice a day (and added in the elderberry elixir as well), and my sickness has never gotten past a slightly sore throat. It also doesn’t upset my stomach, which makes it easier to take any time of day. About to buy my second bottle now, which I’ll be really putting to the test during the holidays! Also, I feel like Olivia genuinely cares about her products and customers – which to me makes it worth the price tag.


I was getting sick a lot this year. At the beginning of the year, I suffered from regular sore throats and a chronic cough that lasted a whole month and wouldn’t leave. It got to the point where I had bruised my rib cage from coughing so much and so intensely. None of the prescription medications that my doctor gave me cured me of my problem. I have been following Olivia since her YouTube days and recalled that she made new products that help with various illnesses. So I purchased her products specifically – the Elderberry Immune Exilir, the Herbaltussin Syrup, and the Immune Shroom. These products together helped me tremendously. My problems alleviated within less than a week. Still till this day if I feel like I may catch something or if I feel a cough or sore throat coming on, I immediately start taking these products and they stop my symptoms altogether and they also help prevent me from catching anything nasty as well. Thank you so much for these wonderful products, Olivia! I will surely buy more when I run out 🙂

Martin Nouna

THE HOLY GRAIL, I FOUND IT! Why take over the counter “medicine” and put harmful chemicals into your body when you have this! Thank you for your passion and what you stand for. Thank you for helping us and genuinely caring about our well being. Thank you and Nick for all of your compassion and beautiful souls, putting so much of your heart and spirit into these herbs and educating us on how to heal and prepare our bodies for anything.


Amazing product!


Best pro-biotic I’ve used. I’ve been taking it for about a month and I feel fantastic.


LIFE SAVER. Been taking it for four months now and haven’t gotten sick once! Don’t even have to take it every single day! Only if others around me are sick as well or if I do ever feel something coming on I take it right away and it stops it from progressing immediately.


I usually get sick a lot with the flip-flopping weather as Winter turns into Spring but thanks to this I have not! Love it.


I’ve been using immune shroom for at least a year or more now. Anytime I feel a cold coming I start taking them. My 17 and 13 year olds now take it and believe in it! Once I was a day to late starting them, i got sick BUT it cut my cold to 4 days (Sun-Wed), by Friday it was like I never had a cold that week! I swear this stuff is magic! As soon as I see I have 6 left in the bottle I’m jumping on this site purchasing my next bottle!! I even keep some in my purse just in case I feel that yuckiness coming! I’m so happy you sell this miracle herbs and thank you!! I Love it!!!

Allison Palacios

I’m a child, adolescent and family therapist. I come in contact with so many people and often times that includes being with people who are sick. I was taking immune shroom during some of the colder months as prevention. I felt something coming on when everyone else was sick & doubles my immune shroom dosage for two days and felt good as new! running out of this was awful so I’m looking forward to getting my second bottle. This product is a must!


The product helped the immunity but my husband and I got rashes all over. We are not allergic to mushrooms and eat them regularly so don’t know why that happened.


I love Immune Shroom! I am fully confident that it has supported my immune system over the last several months. I’ve had higher levels of stress at work over the last two months, and typically when I am stressed and worn down, I get sick, often with a head cold. I have not come down with anything and I do believe I owe it to Immune Shroom supporting my immune system!


I never want to be without immune shroom! I work with children of all ages and have managed to stay healthy these last couple months while almost every single one of my coworkers, and at least half of the children in the program were sick (there’s about 120 all together). I usually get sick at least two or three times during this season, but I’m convinced I haven’t because I’ve been so consistent with taking immune shroom every day. If I start to feel anything come on, I add in an elderberry syrup to my routine and feel better in no time.

Madeline Caban

I started taking Immune Shroom because a co-worker spoke so highly of it, and because we moved to an open area where all of the staff are all stationed in one floor. I absolutely LOVE Immune Shroom. I was always getting sick and since starting on the Shroom I have seen an immense improvement! Thank you, Olivia!


I found Organic Oliva at the perfect time! I had a cold and it’d seemed to go away and then I was sick again, and again… Seemed like I was sick for a month! I wanted to break the cycle. I’ve been taking ImmuneShroom for a month and have been feeling good! I’ve also been supplementing OO’s Elderberry Elixir as needed (especially when around someone under the weather) and have become a believer! I’m eagerly awaiting the re-stock! Thanks to Olivia & her team for all they do!


Immune shroom is the REAL DEAL. I’m a nanny for 3 kids under 5- in the past few winters, I’ve basically had a cold for months on end because they bring everything home! A few weeks ago not only did two kids have the flu but so did their mom, so I was surrounded by germs from all angles all day everyday for a week. I took 2 capsules with both breakfast and lunch every day I didn’t get a single symptom. This stuff literally prevented me from getting the FLU!!! It’s truly worth it’s weight in gold. Thank you for making such amazing products ♥️🌟


I love this product! My husband even started taking it so I need to order more!


Everyone in my office has been sick for the past month and my commute has been full of people coughing and sneezing… ImmuneShroom is the only reason I haven’t gotten sick. I just ordered my second bottle. Thanks Olivia!

Tori H

I can’t rave enough about your products Olivia! Love that I haven’t gotten sick while taking this. Usually get the “once a winter sickness” and it lingers for weeks after. Everyone around me at work has been sick once (some of them got round 2) while I’ve been going strong. I always let them know how I prevent- immuneshroom! Also, my 5 yr old niece had a cold for what seemed like months, every time we would visit her she was coughing, having a runny nose and just was miserable. I gave her mom a mix of 1/2 capsule of immuneshroom and daily fruit and veggie supplement to take for a week straight. Flavor was great so the niece loved it, and after that week, she had cleared up and hasn’t been sick. Miracle worker for all! Thankyou!


I purchased my first bottle a couple months ago to prep my immune system before going to a conference with over a thousand people at the end of December. Not only did I emerge from the conference without so much as a sniffle, I haven’t had a single cold so far this cold/flu season. This is a product I always want to have on hand for my family.


I cannot thank you enough for making this!! I work in an office with a lot of people and it’s that time of year again when everyone starts coming down with something. I am normally the one who ends up catching every cold. I have been taking this consistently for about a month and can tell a major difference. Thank you thank you thank you.


Love love love ImmuneShroom! I was very sick with bronchitis end of last year and even though I was feeling better I was never 100%. One night i felt like i was coming down with something AGAIN! took two and went to bed and felt AMAZING the next morning! I since take two daily and have never felt better. I love to break open the capsules and add it to my morning coffee! I highly recommend it!


I work with children and have a very weak immune system therefore, im alway sick. I began taking immune shroom in November I did not get sick a single time while taking this (really big deal for me). I fell behind on restocking recently, and was coming down with a bad flu that was going around. I was forced to be in bed due to the flu, that same day in the evening my order arrived I toke a few doses and next morning I was back to normal and to work like noting happened. THIS TRULY WORKS! I can not go without it especially in the cold months.


I am pregnant at the moment and whenever I get sick, the illness sticks around for a little over a month because apparently the immune system weakens during pregnancy. And since pregnancy limits options for either pharmaceutical or holistic remedies, it’s hard to find anything that works well and in a timely manner. I have been taking Gaia elderberry syrup since day one of my cold symptoms. It basically kept the symptoms at bay, but I still felt like I was on the brink of having a full blown head cold. I found my original bottle of Immune Shroom and took 2 capsules once a day for 3 days and when I woke up I didn’t have a sore throat, my cough was gone, and my nose stopped draining as much! I am a true believer in the magic of mushrooms!


I work in a veterinary hospital, can you imagine the number of germs I come in contact with on a daily basis! From animals potentially carrying a zoonotic disease that I can contract, to the owners sneezing/coughing and then touching all the door handles in the clinic on top of all of my coworkers getting sick. I truly believe this is the reason why I am not sick and I feel 100% fine. I love taking this supplement, I always feel like I’m arming myself for the battle before work, LOL! Thank you, Olivia and your team!


Can my 6 year old brother take this?


This stuff works!!! I was around a coworker (in a conference room, she was coughing like crazy) who later went to the hospital and was confirmed to have the flu. All week I was so nervous about coming down with the flu. That day I went home and started taking my Immune Shroom (2 pills, twice daily) – I never got the flu! I did not get a flu shot this year either. I will definitely be keeping this on hand for the winter months and when exposed to sickness. Thanks Olivia for your awesome products!


I have been taking these for the last month. As a teacher, sickness is almost always guaranteed and I had been more susceptible to getting sick (last year I ended up with terrible tonsillitis – which I healed with colloidal silver – cool stuff) and decided to try this out. I’m almost too afraid to post this review in fear of jinxing it, but this has been a life savor this season. I recommend adding it to your regular health regimen.

Jaqueline R.

A WINTER LIFE SAVER!!! Enough said.

Shannon S.

I just finished my first bottle of Immune Shroom. I was skeptical. I’ve been having issues with my immune system for years. I would literally get sick any time everyone had a sniffle or a cough within my vicinity. I’ve tried all the teas and vitamins, echinacea and home remedies, apple cider vinegar and garlic w/ honey daily. Nothing worked and I thought this product was going to be the same. Let me tell you that’s Immune Shroom has CHANGED MY LIFE. Im normally sick several times during the fall and winter with the cold lasting several weeks each time. I also get run down easily and when I do I get sick. When I get stressed, you guessed it, I get sick. Needless to say I’m constantly sick. When my Immune Shroom came in the mail I was starting to get sick. I started taking it right away and it was the shortest sickness I’ve had in YEARS. It only lasted one week from start to finish. That’s unheard of for me! Normally I’m sick for weeks and the symptoms just drag on. Needless to say I’m so impressed with my Immune Shroom I’ve already purchased another bottle along with Sleep Juice, ThyroPro, ParaPro, Probitoc and Brain Juice. I am so thankful for Olivia’s dedication and talent. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 💖


Wow!! This was a total life saver for me! I bought this and wasn’t taking this on a daily basis, yet, I learned my lesson there! I’m a hairstylist who is a small business owner in my own salon studio, so if I miss work I don’t get sick pay and I lose money for the day/s I’ve missed, therefore I don’t have time to be sick really. This Tuesday during work I got somewhat of a sneezing spell and then a runny nose and by the time I got home I could feel a sore throat developing. I immediately took the first set of the therapeutic dose and carried on with my night and could tell that all though I didn’t feel great, my nose had cleared up a bit after the first dose! I continued with the therapeutic dose each day and it is now Saturday and I really feel great and did not have to miss work this week because of any symptoms. I could truly tell that the Immune shroom not only lessened the symptoms of my cold but also the duration! I fully plan on taking the regular daily dose to help prevent any more colds and am happy to know it helps combat colds even after it’s too late to prevent one. Thank you Olivia, I will be buying more Immune Shroom and spreading the word! 🙂


Every year before trying this product, I would get sick (strep throat kind of sick) at least once every two months since I work with kids it is kind of inevitable, just last year I had two episodes of strep throat that send me to the hospital. I decided to try this product after following Olivia on IG. I have been consistently taking this product for this whole year and until now I have gotten sick only once, and that is such a life-changing. If you take it consistently, I am certain it can work and benefit you.


I work at a kindergarten and this product has helped me prevent my body from getting all the viruses and bacteria so one can catch at a day care. It even helped my sister a weeek before she got married! Her throat was hurting so bad, that she was sure she would get the flu. I gave her this magical mushrooms and they prevented the flu and helped her heal her throat. I highly recommend it


I am truly impressed with this product. I have PCOS and am hypothyroid, and thus have a very very weak immune system. I cannot count the number of times I get sick every year. I would say it’s between 10-12 times every year. After growing up in San Diego, now in my adult life I’ve lived in colder climates, which have just made my illnesses each year increase. When everyone around me gets sick and miss 1-2 days of work, I find myself missing 8-10 days of work. Until I found THIS. About a week ago a member of my team at work mentioned he had been sick all week and all of a sudden, everyone around us started dropping like flies. 5 of the 8 people in our office were sick and out. I started to take the therapeutic dosage of Immune Shroom because I just knew this cold was coming for me and my weak immune system and it was going to knock me out for several days. It’s one week later and I feel great. I haven’t gotten the cold at all. I paired the therapeutic dosage with other immune supporting nutrients, but this stuff is magical. I never thought I’d be able to last against all these odds, especially after all the cards my body has been dealt. I’m so grateful.

Yahaira Lara

The mixture in these pills is amazing. I’ve bought it because I felt like I was coming down with a cold and to my surprise my symptoms reduced significantly. Also, because I work in a hospital and wanted some immunity support for my body. I am aware that this is not designed for children but I trusted in the facts of what these herbs do and decided to give it to my daughters. One had a high fever I gave her half the pill mixed with an immunity tintured for kids and elderberry syrup and it broke her fever. My oldest had a runny nose and kept sneezing all day so I gave her half and also the same mixture as my youngest and the next day she wasn’t having any other symptoms. This was exactly what we needed to include into our medicine cabinet. I’m thankful I’ve came across this product because it’s helped me but also my babies.


These are magic, seriously! I was traveling recently and I caught a cold the last leg of our trip. So thankful I had packed these! I have always had a low immune system and when I get run down I get sick easily. I can have a “head cold” for a week easily…as soon I felt the cold coming on I started taking 3 pills morning and night. It cut the length of my cold in half!! I cannot thank you enough for creating these Olivia.

Eva Martinez

I bought the Immune Shroom during the Thanksgiving sale, I still had a month and a half before I went on Winter break so I thought I’d give it a try. I am a teacher and I look for ways to stay healthy throughout the year, but even then getting sick is inevitable. Well two months later, I’ve finished my first bottle and so far I haven’t gotten sick. I just ordered another bottle, It’s worth the investment on my health and prevention. Thanks Olivia!!


love these now do u take this every month or maybe every other month ..


Honestly, I’ve been putting off writing a review for this product, only because I have no idea where to start about how amazing it is, because that’s what it is—amazing! I trust the Organic Olivia name and company, I’ve been a follower and a supporter for a few years. I bought this product as a treat to myself when it first came out. I never get sick, but my self care was low, when I serendipitously received this package during an almost week long cold, I had the works (fatigue, achy throat, lost my voice, runny nose, aches, the chills, and pains). I drank store bought medicine, ginger tea, I slept, but nothing worked. When I got my Immune Shroom, I told myself, what do I have to lose? So the following day I took the therapeutical dose, without any other medicine. Within an hour, I could breath through both my nostrils! Another hour and the ache in my throat was tolerable. I kept it up for two days, and I felt like a functional human again! Then the same bug went around my home, to my grandmother and mother—these women are all about being skeptical, but because they felt so terrible they were ready to try anything, and they had the same quick turn around I did. When I saw the effects this product had on others I bought two more just in case!And did they ever come in handy! A month later, my grandmother got sick again, and she has a few medical conditions (thyroid trouble for one, liver trouble, and other normal conditions that come with old age). And it was the only thing that helped again, since it’s such a gentle fórmula it did not agrivate her prescribed treatments, so she asked me to buy her her own set(she was pretty surprised when she found out it couldn’t be bought at the store!). Since my grandmother lives in Mexico, but stays with my family in the US for months at a time, she wanted a set for here and at home! Finally, my niece, an average sized three year old got sick recently. It’s terrible when a child is ill in the family, they’re so rambunctious, but when they’re sick you just wish they could run around and yell like always! She was sick for almost a week; with a fever, trouble sleeping, runny nose, lose of appetite and no energy. My sister gave her everything, children’s Tylenol included, and while it helped temporarily her symptoms always came back the next day with the same force. Finally, with my entire family worried sick, I asked my sister for permission to give her a capsule of medicine, she trusts the brand and me so she let me give it to my niece if I was able to get her to take it—my niece had been forced to take medicine so often that she got terribly upset each time anyone even hinted at medicine. So I took a capsule, and opened it into her water to give to her, cause no way I was gonna convince that toddler to swallow the capsule it comes in. She sniffed the water (which she always does), suspecting medicine, but it has no smell (plus her nose was stopped up) and because it has such a fine texture it blended in with the water so well she never noticed a thing. To get her to drink everything up too some convincing, because it probably hurt to swallow ,I convinced her to drink up 8oz of water through some bribery (it was chocolate-a means to an end). Within the hour of drinking the one capsule this kid perked up, and her fever finally broke! She starting to ask me things, and get real chatty again. I called my mom in to prove the change and she couldn’t believe how quickly her body reacted to the immune shroom! And my sister, who was unable to take a fourth consecutive sick day from work, felt intensively relieved. We gave her another before bed in her milk, and kept that dose up (two capsules in a fluid per day) for two days, but by the end of the first day she was running around and being herself again, and asking for food! So yea, this product is nothing short of amazing. I will say I don’t always it everyday, but I have the bottle around just in case. I’ve taken it daily after my Para-Pro cleanse, but I use it as soon as I get a sniffle or feel a tinge in my throat. I personally think it should be kept around in every house for some of the situations I’ve mentioned, and because everyone’s immune system needs a little helpful nudge every once in awhile!


I bought this product about a month ago. Since I travel as a registered nurse, I knew I would need an extra immune booster for all of the flights I would be taking (especially during “”Flu” season”). I am happy to say that I do not get the flu vaccine. I truly believe Immune Shroom, along with lots of water, a little exercise, and vitamin D got me through January in Alaska without having so much as a “cold”. My husband, on the other hand, had a terrible case of sinusitis. He was not taking any supplements. He also drinks more water and exercises more than I do. YEA, for Immune Shroom!!! I love you Organic Olivia!!! Thank you for creating this!!


I love this stuff! Not only has it kept me healthy through a bad flu season but I feel alert and energetic, even under immense stress from finals (which is amazing in itself…)! I feel great and wish I had a lifetime supply 🙂

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