I always get questions on my favorite products and supplements that I use every day. Here is a list of everything I love and use daily!

I LOVE BOOKS. They saved me when my health was at its lowest. Allopathic medicine had nothing to offer me but pharmaceuticals, and I was desperate for an answer regarding the root cause of why I was so ill. When I discovered these books about alternative medicine, herbalism, spirituality, and the mind-body-spirit connection to healing, my world was transformed. I tried to put these books in order of importance, but go with the ones that resonate with you. I do not by any means agree with 100% of the statements in all of these books, because everyone is different and I like to form my own opinions based on a multitude of sources (and I always go with my gut!) Take the best things you learn from each book and create your own recipe for health and healing. Use your intuition, experiment, and keep an open mind. Happy reading!