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January 26, 2016
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January 28, 2016
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What supplements should I be taking during your parasite cleanse besides the pills?

You want to make sure you are reintroducing beneficial microorganisms into your gut as the bad ones leave. I personally take 1-2 probiotic capsules every night whether I am parasite cleansing or not. I specifically take it at night so that it has uninterrupted time while I’m sleeping to repopulate my gut. The brand I use is Prescript Assist.

It’s also a wonderful idea to take a heavy metal binder to sweep up the heavy metals that the parasites will be releasing as they die (since heavy metals are their favorite food source). I take Hawaiian Spirulina every day (whether I’m parasite cleansing or not, just like probiotics) but I double up while I’m doing a cleanse. I put 1 tsp. in a glass of water morning and evening.

My next favorite supplement is magnesium.Read my article here about the epidemic of magnesium deficiency in our modern world. I use a Magnesium Oil Spray all over my body before bed and take weekly Magnesium Flake baths. If you’re having trouble using the bathroom often enough, “Magnesium Calm” is a magnesium tea that does a wonderful job of moving the bowels. 

My last essential supplement during a cleanse is the seaweed Atlantic Dulse. Dulse goes into deep, hidden places of the body, seeking out metals, binding to them, and never releasing until they leave the body. I take 2 tbsp. of flakes daily by mixing them into water (it doesn’t taste the best but it’s SO important to consume these sea vegetables as your daily dose of parasite-fighting iodine!)

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  1. Oriana says:

    Can I use the parasite cleanse while nursing ? Thank you

  2. Leah says:

    Hi Olivia,

    I am currently being treated for Lyme and Babesiosis(parasite). Are you familiar with this? I love your ideas. I am currently on Malarone and Azithromycin, nystatin and artemisinin. I have been getting some of the yeast out and I do activated charcoal some times. My body is losing weight and my skin feels much thinner than it used to. I was receiving vitamin b12 injections but my body was allergic. Any suggestions on foods and drinks I can do to help restore my skin and my body? I drink 3 liters of water daily but my ADH hormone is low so I flush it right out. I am only 30 and used to be in such good shape.



  3. Deisy says:

    I’m doing a cleanse right now and I’m almost done with it, it was recommended to first do that then the parasite cleanse. But after further researching I also found a heavy metal detox, should I do that before,after, or during your parasite cleanse?

  4. Maria says:

    Are they any side effects I can excpect while doing the parasite cleanse – diarrhea, stomach cramps, breakouts -or anything else?

  5. Dariela says:

    Hi Olivia,

    I was diagnosed with PCOS about a year ago and have been looking for ways to heal naturally. Where would you recommend I start? Should I begin with a parasite cleanse? Thank you

  6. Kristy says:

    I am about to order the parasite cleanse and would like to know if I should wait to acquire these products as well or start the cleanse anyway? Also, I am looking into cleansing my 4 (almost 5 at the end of March) year old daughter as well since our eating habits have been pretty bad up until recently. Any suggestions for a cleanse at that age? Thank you!

  7. Rebecca Muniz says:

    Hi! I am terrified of swallowing pills is there a parasite cleanse that you can recommend me instead of pills thanks in advance

  8. Britney says:

    Hi olivia 🙂 I bought the Hawaiian spirulina tablets not realizing you did powder. Should I still take 1 tablet morning and night during parasite cleanse and when incorporating the calm magnesium powder (I do at night) should I take my spirulina tablet first and wait a bit before calm tea? Thanks!!

  9. Anna says:

    Hi Olivia!
    I purchased one of your very first parasite kits and was wondering if you still recommend drinking a psyllium whole husks and betonite drink?
    Thank you,

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