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“How a Parasite Protocol Changed My Life” – Kate’s Story

  • Published on: 13 June, 2015
  • Last update: 03 November, 2020


Before I jump into Kate’s story below, I’d like to give you a little background info.

You see, a few years ago, I was very ill and looking for answers at a time when all doctors could give me was pharmaceutical medication that made my problems worse. I began to research alternative healers and picked up a book called The Cure For All Diseases by Hulda Clark. You can actually read the entire book for free here. At first, the idea of parasites shocked me. This is a first world country after all; I thought that a “parasite” was one single worm that you picked up while away on vacation (although I had never even been out of the country at the time).

However, the more I read, the more things made sense. In her book, Dr. Hulda Clark explains that we are living in a time where chemicals and pollutants are more prevalent than ever – even more so since her books have been published. Examples of include heavy metals, benzene, pesticides, formaldehyde, methanol, etc. These toxins can be hiding anywhere – for instance, aspartame is 11% methanol by weight. Up until 200 years ago, methanol was an extremely rare component of the human diet, although it is now widely prevalent in our food due to canned food, commercial juice, and so much more.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.50.14 PM

Page 36 via Hulda Clark

Hulda Clark explains that parasites are all around us. They are a part of life, and it is inevitable that you will come into contact with their eggs. However, now we have the pollutants mentioned above in the mix, and the parasites are able to proliferate in/feed off of unhealthy tissues and get into areas of the body where they should never be. The body is so busy fighting and detoxifying pollutants that it has no energy to do its normal work of killing and sweeping out parasitic invaders. On top of that, so many Americans don’t have our very first defense: stomach acid! The hydrochloric acid in our stomach has been given to us as a gift that naturally kills bacteria, parasite eggs, and anything else you may ingest. You can read my article here about the true cause of heartburn and acid reflux: low stomach acid. Americans spend more than $7 billion per year on acid suppressing drugs and another $4 billion on OTC antacids such as Tums, because we’re told that too much stomach acid is the cause of acid indigestion, acid reflux, and heartburn.

In reality, the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES) separates the esophagus and the stomach. Proper stomach acid levels signal the LES to close tightly, so that food digestion can take place. However, low stomach acid levels don’t give off the closing signal, and cause the sphincter to loosen. Once loose, acidic stomach fluid comes back up into the lower part of the esophagus causing a burning sensation. This is why a large meal will give you heartburn. There’s not enough acid in your stomach to saturate the heavy meal, so the LES doesn’t close.

Without the body’s first defense of stomach acid, we are letting tons of invaders into our body that would normally be incinerated. On top of that, we’re eating food that cannot be digested and is deficient in enzymes (overcooked, fried food). Then, when the LES won’t close and we feel acid coming back up, we run to the store and drink Alkaseltzer to add insult to injury. That’s how they keep you buying the product and that’s why we continue to get worse. And of course, those pollutants bombard our detoxification organ, and fighting parasites takes a backseat to fighting toxicity.

Once I read all of this, I decided to do a parasite cleanse using Hulda Clark’s 3 major parasite-killing ingredients and let me tell you…. it changed my life. Once I mustered up the courage to talk about my experience with the public, I wrote a blog about it, and the response was incredible. I shared how after 3 consecutive protocols (3 months in a row with 2 week breaks), I was able to get my cystic back acne under control. The acne on my face that I could never quite tackle with other herbs or diet changes faded away as I passed more and more parasites. I got some really large worms out, along with a ton of bright orange liver flukes. I felt incredible and energized as the brain fog was lifted – like I had found the missing piece of my health puzzle! I had already been using several herbs to regain the health of my liver (such as Flor Essence, which was a life-saving tea given to me by an herbalist when I was at my lowest point), but parasite cleansing herbs really sealed the deal.

11335129_868636626540732_1176493057_nIt’s been 1 year and 6 months since I finally mustered up the courage to talk about my love for healing the gut/gut infections, and it has somehow blossomed into a major part of my life’s purpose. People were so excited to try a cleanse, but the tincture method I talked about in my original post tasted terrible and the bentonite clay/fiber drink that I used during the process was somewhat constipating. Because of this, I decided to create my very own all-in-one encapsulated formula: ParaPro.

You can read more about it here, and check out the reviews to hear about different results in terms of digestive health, acne, and energy levels!

Kate’s Story

The following story is from a lovely lady named Kate Law who found me on Instagram.

Hi Olivia!

Here is my parasite story:

I had quite a number of health problems in my life. I had thyroid nodules, and had half my thyroid removed at 22. I also was diagnosed with gallstones and told I need my gallbladder out ASAP when I was 32. I had constant vaginal bleeding, during sex, after sex, in between periods and with bowel movements. I had every test performed at the doctor only to hear from every one of them there was nothing wrong with me, and they would give me some antidepressants because that might help…even though I told them I wasn’t depressed.

My digestion was bad, and I had awful gas and bloating. My hormones were not kind, I broke out regularly, and was emotionally volatile.  My daughters and I would get sick at least once a month – fevers, coughing, stuffy noses, etc.

I read everything possible about how the human body works, because mine was malfunctioning so horribly and I didn’t feel like my doctors were helping me at all. I changed my diet and went organic vegan, which helped me feel better immediately. I then did a lot of gallbladder/liver flushes (apple juice for 6 days, epsom salts, olive oil and grapefruit juice) for a total of 10, and was no longer experiencing gallbladder attacks. I thought I should be experiencing optimal health, but I was still having issues with gas and bloating. I wondered why it was so bad if I was only putting pure, whole organic foods into my body?

That’s about the time I found Organic Olivia’s website and Instagram, read about the parasite cleansing she was so enthusiastic about, did some research on my own, and decided to try it.  I bought two bottles of the tincture she used in the first post she ever wrote about cleansing. I went heavy on the dosing at first, and within 24 hours passed a giant worm when I went to the bathroom. The worms didn’t stop! I began passing ones longer than my arm, and also began experiencing pretty bad detox symptoms; the headaches bothered me the most. At that point I began doing enemas regularly (water, coffee, & probiotic) to get the dead bugs out of my intestines faster, and it helped immensely. (NOTE FROM OLIVIA: Although the parasite cleanse I’ve created does not contain an enema, many people are highly successful when they include an enema in their protocol. It depends on personal preference, but I always like to use them so that no dead bugs are lying around for bacteria to feed off of.)

The bugs were squirming in every orifice in my body as they were dying. I felt flutters in my intestines; it felt like being 4 months pregnant, when you first feel the flutter of the baby kick. But I wasn’t pregnant at all! I felt and heard them flapping within my sinus cavity/eardrum.

I took the week break as recommended, and then immediately started a second round of a two week cleanse. I passed more and more worms. When I got my period that month, I passed worms & other creepers out of my lady parts.

After the first cleanse, I immediately felt amazing.  My stomach, which had been so bloated, was FLAT AS A BOARD! I no longer had awful gas, break outs, or the constant vaginal bleeding/awful cramps. I have had no problems with any of these things since my first parasite cleanse.

I now do them every 6 months or so, and I have made my daughters do them as well.  You wouldn’t think a 4 year old would have worms as long as my arm living in her intestines, but she absolutely did.  The pediatricians are clueless – they look at me like I’m nuts, and offer me the latest vaccine for my daughter.

We are pretty regular people. We don’t travel out of the country, we don’t eat sushi, we don’t go swimming in questionable bodies of water, we don’t drink water from a creek or eat out of trash cans, and yet we had worms. If we had them, everyone has them, without a doubt in my mind. They are a part of life, and they are normal.  This planet is full of life! Tiny organisms thrive in harsh environments all over the planet. Obviously they enjoy your warm body as a nice cozy home. These organisms exist, and there is no reason to be afraid of them, because there is an easy way to get them out.

I think I got the great majority out on the first cleanse, as there were some, but not a lot, during the subsequent flushes. I’m stoked to try the formula that Olivia has created, and I thoroughly recommend parasite cleansing to every mammal on the planet. It’s easy and effective.

NO DOCTOR EVER TOLD ME I HAD PARASITES, OR THAT MY SYMPTOMS WERE INDICATIVE OF A PARASITE INFESTATION. I’ve had sonograms, x-rays, all kinds of tests — and no one had a clue. Yet all of my health problems immediately improved when the bugs were gone.

Do some sort of bowel cleansing while killing the bugs. It helps detox symptoms, and works to flush them out of your intestines sooner. I used enemas, but anything will do, as long as you are pooping frequently. My oldest daughter lets me give her enemas, but not the youngest. For the youngest, I tripled her up on probiotics and the chocolate bars with gentle laxatives you can get from the drug store. They are very effective. (NOTE FROM OLIVIA: The parasite cleanse that I make is for adults, not children. This is an account of Kate’s experience. The only product I’ve found that’s gentle and suitable for children 3+ is WormOut on Amazon.)

Do your parasite cleanses, keep your liver and kidneys clean, and you will LIVE. Not just exist feeling crappy all the time.  I don’t want to live to be 100, I just want to enjoy the life I have now.

I’m also in functional medicine now, and I help people go from extremely sick to thriving. Since I’m working with nutritionists, my diet is no longer vegan, but more of a paleo-type diet. Fresh organic veggies, fruits & free-range proteins. Whole, clean foods are the most important foods you can eat. They are nutrient dense, and deliver the micro-nutrients that give you that God-like body!

My family is healthy and happy, and we have you Olivia to thank for this!  You saved our lives, LITERALLY. We love you and are grateful for your sharing of knowledge with all humans. God did right when he made you, keep working, you are making a difference.

With love,
Kate, Kylie & Lily

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Ray Edwards

I’ve had intense issues with GERD which go from giving me heartburn to the inability to breath.. I took a parasite cleanse called “Scram” and all of my stomach issues and breathing problems went away. I didn’t change the way I ate and it was like I was a normal person again. I stopped taking them for a month and all of my issues came back. My Amazon package of scram will be here tomorrow praise the lord😂 I tried ginger root, turmeric, probiotics etc they barely touched my problems. I will use parasite cleanses for the rest of my life.


Hi! Is this safe to do while breastfeeding?


This has been so eye opening and confirming. I can’t wait to get started!

Carol A

Olivia absolutely love your blog. Glad you are addressing this issue. Parasites are horrible. I have tried many remedies for myself and my children. Mine are over 3 so worm out (thanks to you pointing this out) has done wonders! Glad people are commenting. The more that do, the more we all learn. Bless Kate. I pray things are much better for her and her two children! Olivia, I am glad you told getting enemas does help eliminate them. I read on a few blogs where it was told enemas do no good to rid parasites. I disagree. I have gotten and given many garlic enemas. The garlic enema was told to me by holistic provider. They work. I agree with you Olivia. Better to cleanse out them with an enema. Kate also got enemas and gave them in her house to her two children. She says healthy now. Hope it stays that way for her. Her two sound like my two. One lets me give an enema without fussing. The other has to be told an enema is going to be given period. Thanks for this blog. Learn more and more all the time.


Hi, is it normal to feel achey/flu-like 24 hours into it?


Hi Olivia, Can parapro replace Dr hulga Ckark’s parasite cleansing? You mentioned to use enema in conjunction with parapro, can I replace it with laxatives? I am also taking some other herbs to tackle the candida ( Dr Humiston Candida kit), and supplements for thyroid ( Iodine protocol) and DIM for adenomyosis, can I take the parapro with all these?


Amazing! I recently passed red liver flukes and am still experiencing abdominal pain. Is this something I can take care of through these natural approaches? Thank you for your story <3


Thank you! The post is very well written; clear, accurate and easy to understand ❤️. I had some problems with parasites. It is often a waste of time to try and find eggs in stools as they are extremely difficult to detect. Best for me is just to treat with Mebendazole (Vermox). I was so happy I found ‘Noworm365’ in Google and got treatment so soon. 👍Albendazole and vermox are broad spectrum antihelmintics and most likely to be effective.Your article helped me a lot to be free from parasites forever! Thanks!

Margarita Meza-Whitlatch

Hi, I’m loving the parasite cleanse so far! I have already noticed incredible benefits for my acne and bloating. I do have some spotting, so I’m curious how this cleanse affects women’s cycles? I suspect that this is normal, so I’m not concerned, just curious. Thanks!


Hi, is this safe for kids? I would like to do this with my 7 year old.

Karen Moshe


Hi Jennifer,

We do not recommend the ParaPro Formula for children under the age of 18.


I started doing the cleanse and my period became very light, is this normal? Thank you



Hi Karen – yes that can happen. Herbs that encourage detoxification are generally ‘cool’ in nature and you need warmth for your period so I would suggest balancing everything out with some fresh ginger tea simmered on the stove with some honey. You can also pause the cleanse, wait til period is over & start up again after you’ve finished your cycle. – Dana @ Team Organic Olivia


You can purchase it here. – Team Organic Olivia


Hi Juliana – please email us at with any specific question you have – Team Organic Olivia


Our ParaPro Formula is available in our store . – Team Organic Olivia


Hi Olivia I suffer from keratosis pilaris since 14. like you said before, I’ve researched EVERYTHING and nothing seems to get rid of it. I’ve gone organic with soaps ect… Do you happened to know if L-Lysine will help? Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.



Hi Yami: I just emailed you 🙂 – Team Organic Olivia



Hi i have keratosis since i was 14 and now from my arms its gone all over my body. Is there anything that can help? Any sucess stories for keratosis?
Ghank you


Hi Kate! You said that you had your daughters do the cleanse also. How old were they when you had them do it? Did you have them do Olivia’s cleanse? I’d like to have my children do it but they are 9 and 8 so just wanted to see if it’s safe for them. Thnx!


Hi Olivia! this is wonderful informations! Yesterday I realized that…hummm. I do have parasite? I decided to do cleansing……since then my stamach feels heavy( I think parasites are panick! she gonna kill us)….Yap I am going to do it. First impression of having parasite actually frightened me. But now I read your articles and even feels good about getting rid of them. I will do on me and my son. We somehow having hard time sleeping night and my son glide his teeth and havikg bad constipation.

Cheryl Neace

Thank you for your information. I m just beginning on my journey to a healthy lifestyle. It feels a bit like swimming against the current, but I know the alternative of aging without taking my heath into my own hands. Carpe Diem!


Thanks for posting this Olivia! Question~ what do you know about SIBO? My GI doctor truly believes I have it, along with post-infectious IBS. Maybe a future post idea! 🙂


I want to do a full body cleanse including parasites. What would be the correct order to cleanse and when should I do the parasite cleanse?


Hello, I am following your advice with the P&B shake, supplements, and because yours are backordered I started the Dr. Hulda Cleanse. Since starting dr. hulda clark’s parasite cleanse the past two days have been a bit weird. About two or three hours after eating lunch, which in this case was a sandwich both days, i get a weird “head buzz” somewhere in between dizzy/lightheaded/nausea and an overwhelming need to fall asleep. Upon waking up I have a bowel movement and I feel better, but I dont know if this is normal or why its affecting my body this way. Also, I know you said to do one parasite/colon cleanse during the day and at night but the info on the dr. hulda clark pamphlet says the black walnut/super w blend once a day and then the cloves 3x a day. Any help/feedback would be appreciated!


Hi Olivia! I have a question…Does your parasite cleanse eliminate the H.Pylori bacteria? I believe part of my gut issues are due in part to this bacteria. My goal is to eliminate the bacteria and then eliminate the parasites. Conventional Dr’s will prescribe a strong antibiotic for the bacteria. I have found a natural alternative to eliminating the bacteria and the main ingredient is Mastic Gum. Below is a link to a supplement I’ve found that will treat it. I was going to treat the bacteria first and then the parasites. But if your parasite cleanse will treat the bacteria, no need to do both. I tried searching for H.Pylori on your website and didn’t find much…but maybe I didn’t type the right thing. Anyways, Thanks for your time!

Noor potrus

Hello Olivia I NEED YOUR HELP !!!! I am 28 years young and having severe symptoms of back pain stiff muscles . Overweight after having my baby and just can’t feel good at all . I would love to email you and see what is best for me to begin asap as I feel really really bad . It’s hard for me to even care for my three young kids. I want to kick the weight but everything I’m doing is really not working and I feel so yucky . Bloated, gas, acne , severe back pain , leg pains , arm numbness etc . Please Olivia I have been following you and now I think I have the courage to try a cleanse . I just would like to know about it . Do you eat do you Not ? When can I start ? Please if you could email me, I WANT MY LIFE AND HEALTH BACK FOR MY KIDS !

Brendan Allen

Wow! That is awesome!! I too am going thru those same “issues” When will I be able too order you’re cleanse?? It currently says out of stock 🙁 I’ve tried cleansing before but failed. Guess my herbs weren’t potent enough or I didn’t use them correctly! Anyways thanks for helping me gain wisdom on this sensitive subject! Please let me know when you have more parasite cleanse ready


Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story! Olivia, I am on my first parasite cleanse and highly suspect Candida and I have suffered from digestive issues for a long time. I am planning on doing several in a row (maybe 2 or 3) with the recommended breaks in between. But, I also really want to do a liver flush. Where would a liver flush fit in? After all parasite cleanses are done or after the first cleanse or when?! I am a week in and also doing enemas every other night, but everything so far has been so…”easy”. I haven’t had any die off symptoms and the enemas (never done them before this) aren’t uncomfortable and I can retain a lot of liquid (almost 6 cups- never tried more) and though I’m not reaaaally looking, the most I’ve seen are liver flukes. I can maybe attribute this to the fact that I eat a pretty clean diet, have always had at least 2 bowel movements a day and haven’t eaten meat in over 15 years BUT I do definitely suffer from digestion/skin/migraine/hormonal issues so I’m thinking something has to be blocked somewhere and hoping this cleanse and a liver flush will give me some answers (and relief!)! Thanks so much for all your information and education on a very overlooked topic! I have greatly enjoyed watching you evolve on this amazing journey you are on!

Taylor Catron

Olivia, you’ve probably been getting this question A LOT but I pledged for one of your parasite cleansing kits and I am wondering when you think it will be ready. In the meantime, which parasite cleanse kit would you recommend for me to take right now while I wait for yours to come out?


Hey Olivia…LOVE LOVE LOVE your site!! I recently discovered your blog when I had just began a detox using many of the same herbs you’ve created in your awesome Cleanse Kit. I have recommended yours to some friends since I had already bought my herbs. One question I have is I continue to see parasites come out…and am wondering if I should try a colonic just to be sure I have gotten rid of them all. Or should I just keep herb cleansing? Thanks so much!!


Helli Olivia, I would really love to purchase the parasite cleanse. How do I get on the waiting list?

Alexa LeFevre

I just had my first dose of the cleanse you originally posted with the colon cleanse! I am excited to try but nervous at the same time!


hi olivia, Im in desperate need of help. Can parasite cleanses help to eliminate mrsa? i have mrsa in my armpit and i had it lanced the first time it got huge and painful. The doctor gave me antibiotics (of course), but what they fail to tell me is that mrsa is not cured by antibiotics. So after going through the pain of having my armpit cut open and drained, weeks later (currently) the infection has returned and my armpit is once again swollen with puss and is very painful. After research I found that regular dosage of colloidal silver and manuka honey are effective in curing mrsa, but I wanted to know if doing a parasite cleanse will help to clear my body of this disease? It has really taken a toll on me and im desperate right now to get rid of it. I have a batch of your cleanse that i purchased some time ago, but have not started it due to being busy with summer school. Do you any other recommendations for mrsa?



I used a product called cellyte from a holistic practitioner that cured me from MRSA E-coil in the kidney. It can be taken internally or put on topically. Theres a website called that I buy it from now. It’s not cheap, but I cures more than you can imagine. Especially MRSA. Also take colloidal silver, you can buy it at any health food store or Good luck!

Ps I did my own parasite cleanse based on research I did over ten years of being deathly ill, and I cured myself of 5 autoimmune diseases and kidney disease, plus endometriosis, fibroids etc. all parasite related like Olivias blog points out. Much to say for parasite cleanse! I did mine every day for 8 months so far and I’m still on it as I was very sick.


Hi Olivia i clicked on a link to find out more about your parasite cleansing herbs on your indiegogo campagin. I am wondering if you plan to ship your herbal parasite cleanse pills overseas? I live in Australia. I noticed that you only give a shipping cost to US states. The tinctures sound like a good way to start but the herbal pills are probably preferable. I just want to make sure you can ship overseas before I pre order. Also to give you some feedback I found it difficult to find a way to contact you directly on your Indigogo campaign thus I am writing to you here. Am sure you are very busy setting things up to go ahead but appreciate your time and thanks for the information.


Can you ship to Canada?


@kate did you see any difference if your thyroid nodules. I am experiencing the SAME EXACT thing and I felt at a loss until I saw this. I am filled with joy that there are options! I would love to hear more about your thyroid and if you’ve been able to manage it! Many blessings

Candice Nelson

Hi! I am wanting to do the cleanse but am currently breastfeeding. Why is it not reccomended while breastfeeding? I know I need to do it but feed my kiddos until they are at least 2. What are the risks? Thanks!


Hi, for six months I feel very bad, I tested the saliva and I had trichinosis. any recommendation. Thank you


What a gorgeous and inspiring story! You must be so proud of your progress!


Good job Olivia! I hope my story helps people:) Thank you!


After reading all these succes-stories I am more confident on solving my healthproblems ‘on my on’! Hope these cleanses will be soon available on international scale! Need them so bad!! Nobody believes me when I talk about these things and think I am crazy but I want to prove them wrong and get healthy again! Please let us know when the products will be available for international shipping Lots of love and keep up the amazing work!

Jamie Coppa

Hi Olivia, like many of your followers, I am inspired by your ability to live out loud and seek your own truths when it comes to health and wellness. Just like you, I found myself in a similar place about three years ago. After an entire childhood of awful eating habits, excess alcohol and experimental drug use in college, I was bedridden and at my own rock bottom. Something was VERY wrong. I was 30 pounds overweight, having extreme digestive issues, white tongue, intense cravings – you name it. I couldn’t stand it any longer and after another sleepless night I got on the internet to find out why I was SO itchy when it was time to go to sleep. It clicked right then and there. (You’re right. Curezone is the most addictive and informative place on the net for all of this info and it is where I learned most of what I know about my own cleansing.) I had an extremely bad pinworm infestation.. possibly thousands. I was scared.  I wanted the help of a doctor. I wanted someone to help me understand WTF was happening and how this was possible. (I did not realize at the time how common this all is and how backwards everything truly is in this country.) After many doors closing in my face, and stool test upon gastro visit all sending me home with no confirmation, I took matters into my own hands. Just like you, I walked into a natural market and asked for help. I was introduced to RenewLife Parasite Cleanse. I’ll never forget the first dose containing black walnut, caprylic acid, pumpkin seed, paramicrodin, YOU NAME IT. I felt my skin crawl and I knew I couldn’t go back. I broke. I went gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, soy, and caffeine free for the duration of my cleanse and passed HUNDREDS of worms, flukes, loads of candida, etc. I swallowed raw garlic 3x a day and worked out and meditated and found yoga and acupuncture and ditched my old friends and moved by the beach and pursued a music career and let go of the pain of losing my father so young and learned to nourish my body with food instead of eating my way into this oblivion and to LOVE myself and give so much love out into this world because at the basis of all healing is pure love and good intention.   Olivia, I am writing to you because I can relate. I’ve followed your posts and liked your page for awhile now. But today, three years into my journey, I am not yet entirely healed. I just finished an enema and let me tell ya, it wasn’t pretty. It inspired me to get some balls and tell you what’s up. I lead an entirely different life than the one I was living prior to my “waking up.”  I am currently dating a sweetheart chiropractic doctor whose company specializes in functional medicine. Now I continue to heal and work on my own wellness with the love and support of my man and his closest colleagues. They are all young 30 year old doctors speaking out about vaccines, GMOs, water and air pollution, and all the things girls like you and I need to talk about to feel sane in this absurd world we live in. He is amazing, and I bet Nick and him would get along really nicely. I want to tell you that there are SO many people like us waking up. I want to extend myself as someone to talk to that LOVES to converse about these things, and noting that you and Nick are only in NY makes me feel really connected to you guys. We reside in a little artsy town called Asbury Park. I’m a musician here and it’s a spiritually uplifting scene. Come visit us anytime… There’s so much we could talk about. We’ll get the lamb burgers and all the delicious food and arrangements if we could be blessed with the company of two incredible souls like you both. Contact me anytime – I would love to tell you more about my story and have you share with the docs the IMPORTANCE of parasite cleansing… Seminars? Wellness Festivals? Retreat Centers? We talk big around here. Come dream with us.

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