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Why I Use a German Computer Instead of Birth Control Pills

Alright Olivia… have you gone off the deep end this time? A German computer tells you when to have sex?!

Dearest bloggy friends, I can assure you that I’m not crazy.

Well, no. I can’t do that. I’m kind of nuts (but that’s why you read my rambles, right?) But this little German computer has absolutely flipped my world around and I’ll tell you why.

Birth control pills: don’t do it!

The U.N.’s Cancer Research Agency re-classified hormonal contraceptives as carcinogenic to humans in 2005. Synthetic estrogen has been linked to cancer, as have other synthetic hormones. Dr. Samuel Epstein, world leader in cancer research has warned that the pill is “the largest unregulated human trial that’s ever been conducted.” In ‘The Breast Cancer Prevention Program,’ Epstein says, “more than 20 well-controlled studies have demonstrated the clear risk of premenopausal breast cancer with the use of oral contraceptives. These estimates indicate that a young woman who uses oral contraceptives has up to ten times the risk for developing breast cancer as does a non-user, particularly if she uses the Pill during her teens or early twenties; if she uses the Pill for two years or more; if she uses the Pill before her first full-term pregnancy; if she has a family history of breast cancer.”

After the horrifying experience I had with birth control, I knew it was full of toxic, synthetic hormones that my body did not like. Although I was on the lowest estrogen dose possible, it harmed my gut bacteria so severely that my immune system basically shut down. That’s what birth control does – it causes gut dysbiosis and ruins the beneficial flora that your stomach and brain need to function. My body started attacking itself and I developed erythema nodosum, an autoimmune inflammatory condition. Do you know how many of my friends now have PCOS or don’t even get a period due to using the pill? It’s risky to say the least. My friend Ricki Lake is currently working on a documentary film exploring the dangers, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, you can read more about my experience and research here.

After that fiasco I was left with two options:

a) The copper IUD – No thank you. Copper toxicity is inevitable. You are not supposed to put heavy metals in your body, period. I don’t like putting devices in there, either.
b) Condoms – Yes, they work, but who really enjoys using them? The barrier definitely changes the energy and intimacy of sex.

I was pretty much doomed and stuck with option B until I found a small device called “Daysy” that tells me when it’s okay to have unprotected sex – and it’s JUST as effective as the pill (without the side effects and long term cancer risk!). Every morning, as soon as my alarm goes off (before I take a sip of water or flip the covers off to stretch) I press a button and put Daysy’s thermometer under my tongue. In 30 seconds, Daysy has taken an insanely accurate reading of my basal body temperature (BBT) and gives me either a green, yellow, or red light.

What is a Daysy?

Daysy is a small machine that functions as a natural, hormonal free birth control. It’s a thermometer and a computer all in one. As I mentioned, it gives you either a green, yellow, or red light to tell you whether you’re fertile or not. You can sync it to your phone and see your entire cycle and data in a sleek, simple app!

A green light means: “You’re in the clear! It’s okay to have unprotected sex – there is no chance of getting pregnant.”
A yellow light means: “I’m still getting to know your cycle – use backup protection to be safe.” The light was yellow every day for the first month while Daysy learned my cycle. It will also turn yellow if you forget to take your temperature for a few days.
A red light means: “Girl, don’t you even dare! Call in back up.”

– A red blinking light is the exact day of your ovulation.

Wait… you can use your body temperature and that’s it?!

YES! You were given a body because you have the capability to understand it and work with it. One of the most valuable things you can do is empower yourself by understanding and connecting with your menstrual cycle. Modern society has disconnected us from our natural patterns and instincts, and has made us feel as though we can’t trust our own bodies.

Does it actually work?

Yes again! Lily has been telling me about the temperature method for months. She’s a huge fan of living by the clues your body gives you. She told me to track my BBT every day and make a note of when it’s raised to understand my ovulation. Now don’t get me wrong… I’m pretty good at math (thanks Uncle Marty) but I can’t afford to miscalculate one morning and end up with an Organic Olivia junior. One of me is enough for now!

Daysy goes well beyond the classic “rhythm method” to achieve a level of accuracy that exceeds that of a hormonal pill. The makers evaluated more than 700,000 womens’ cycles in order to come up with an algorithm that has a Pearl Index of 0.7 (99.3% accuracy!)

The “Pearl Index” is what the effectiveness of all birth control methods is based on.
As an example, lets say that 100 women use a certain birth control perfectly for one full year. During that time there is one unintended pregnancy. The Pearl Index for that birth control would then be 1.0. The pill has a PI between 1-0.9 and diaphragms have a Pearl Index of 1-3. The lower the number the better, so Daysy wins here!

Things to Remember About Daysy:

Undisciplined users may not be the best fit for this product. You have to use Daysy correctly and diligently.

1) You have to take your temperature each morning within the same three-hour window. For me, this isn’t difficult. On school days I wake up at 8:45 and on weekends I rise around 10:45. If your sleep schedule is more erratic you’ll have to at least make sure to set an alarm, take your temperature at your normal wake up time, and go back to sleep.

2) You have to make sure you take your temperature before you get out of bed. If you’re a person that wakes up abruptly to run and pee, or someone who flies out of bed in the morning because you always miss your alarm, you’ll need to work on being conscious upon awakening.
If you do get up by accident, this is considered ‘activity’ and can effect your BBT giving you an inaccurate reading. I put Daysy directly on top of my phone so that I never forget to take my temperature before getting up. I set both my alarm and my Daysy app to beep at the same time.

3) Daysy does not alter your cycle like BC pills. It lets your body do it’s thing… and ‘it’s thing’ includes ovulating with 6-10 fertile days a month. Sex cannot be a thoughtless activity; you have to listen to the green and red lights that Daysy gives you. On red days you have to either abstain from sex or use condoms.

My experience

I. LOVE. THIS. THING. I feel free and in control. No more guessing… no more worrying… and I’m no longer confined to condoms as my only birth control method. This is truly a gift to all women, and my partner ends up benefiting in the process. He is more in tune with my body and we kind of feel like we know about this magical secret where we’ve beat the system. In reality, all we’ve done is become in tune with nature and my body’s womanly rhythms. The best part is that I feel like I know and trust my cycle. I have a new-found sense of confidence.

Although I’m a little scatterbrained, I have remembered to take my temperature almost every single morning because I place Daysy right on top of my alarm and set the app to ring too. It’s become second nature! Working with this device has truly been a pleasure and is the most practical, effective method I’ve found for birth control in my years of searching.


It’s not a cheap device, with a price tag of about $385, but this is an investment in both my health and peace of mind. It’s worth it because it’s completely reliable, incredibly easy, and way ahead of its time in terms of sophistication. The fact that 30 seconds each morning protects me from an unwanted pregnancy is priceless in my book. My friends who use birth control pay a co-pay of $30 per month. That’s $360 every year. The average life cycle of Daysy is TEN years, and it comes with a warranty. The customer service has been amazing.

Where to Buy

You can order Daysy directly from their website, which also gives a fun, interactive explanation of how it works. Let me know if you have any questions and I would love to help out, since this little device has given me a huge sense of freedom that I want every woman to experience.

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  1. Sandra Bazan says:

    How long have you used it? Is it a deductible medical device?

  2. Hi Olivia, <br />I loved reading this post as I&#39;ve been wondering about basically everything-free birth control for a while now. I fell in love with the idea of this device, that is until I read your second point of things to remember. I am a person who unfortunately wakes and gets out of bed on average two times per night (usually between 2-3 and again between 5-6) before rising for good

    • Olivia A. says:

      Hey Heather! 🙂 When I first started using Daysy I used get up twice a night, however Daysy was still very accurate. I wanted to be careful though, so what I do now is I cut off drinking water after 6pm. I drink tons and tons in the morning upon awakening and in the afternoon, but I really limit my intake at night. Now I only have to get up once and I can be 100% sure my temperature is correct!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I can&#39;t use birth control nor would I want to even if I could. . Definitely going to invest in this product! ! Thanks so much! ! ♥♥♥

  4. Laura says:

    Hey Olivia,<br />I love your blog. I read on your birth control post that you use to have painful sex until you healed your gut. I have had the same issue for years. So bad that I stopped having sex because it was all pain and no pleasure. My question is did sex just all of the sudden stop being painful for you one day? And where did you get the information about candida and how it can cause

    • Olivia A. says:

      Hey Laura!<br />It was veryyyyyyy gradual. Because my malfunctioning liver was at the root of my gut issues, my liver wasn&#39;t digesting, producing, or excreting hormones properly. This gave me estrogen dominance and thus PCOS-like symptoms, painful sex, and what I believe is abnormal tissue in the cervix. One day it started to be LESS painful, then eventually even less painful and so on. It

  5. Alexia says:

    Hi Olivia, thanks so much for posting this. I am currently researching and highly considering this product. My questions are: How long have you been using this? Also, about how many green days you get per month?

  6. M Matthews says:

    Have you not considered the standard days method? It is an evidence based (who cohort) natural family planning method based on the fertile window. Instead of temperature, easily keep track with your own calendar, a smartphone app, or a clever visual device called cycleBeads (often used in developing countries)

  7. Jordan B says:

    I was recently introduced to your website and I’m in love! I was on birth control for 3 years and stopped taking it for a short period of time and realized it did nothing good for my body. I suffered with candida and I just felt flat out bonkers . Anyway, I quit the pill tried a similar method with a thermometer and a confusing and outdated app.. 4 months later I got pregnant. I’m about to pop and I’m very excited, but I’m breast feeding and I don’t want to take birth control at all. I’ve been told its one of the first things the doctors ask about after the baby is born. I must admit I wasn’t taking my temperature every morning. I would stay up late some nights and my readings seemed off. Also, i would drink with friends on occasion and the app would say my temperature was too low and wouldnt let me track my readings. I would love to try this method again but the right way. I’m in no hurry for baby number 2. Is there any advice or tips you could give me?

  8. TaShayla says:

    Omg thank you so much for this posting i have th nexplanon in my arm and its been ongoing problems since day one i would rather pay for this instead…. instead of all these ongoing issues THANK YOU!

  9. Janelle says:

    Are you still using this? Please update us if you still like it!

  10. Angel says:

    Hi Olivia! 🙂 I am in Tasmania ( Australia ) and I cannot buy one of these off the website you have here, 🙁 is there any way I can get one to Aus? thanks so much.

    Angel. xo

  11. Gabrielle says:

    Hi Olivia! I am really interested in using the Daysy fertility monitor and finally getting off the pill, but after doing some research I found this one (and only) review for the app:

    “When I created my account I set it up as not wanting to have a baby. When I checked my user details under settings, it displayed as wanting to have a baby. Pretty serious mistake… Also wondering where other common fertility measurements could be entered.”

    I also read the Terms&Conditions page and they say that it is not approved by the FDA as a Contraceptive method or device. I just really want to make sure that this device is as accurate as possible before purchasing, but I can’t find anymore reviews about it. Also, I have to wait until May for their Android App. It’s a downside but they said you can still use it without having the app.

  12. CC says:

    Hi Olivia!
    Just got my Daysy. The box wasn’t sealed in plastic. Was yours? Hoping I didn’t get a used one. I’m going to have to call Valley Electronics. This maybe a way to cut down on plastic, which is good but just wondering. Thank you.

    • Olivia says:

      Hey CC, Mine was not sealed in plastic. The box opened like a book. I too believe they do this to avoid packaging. You can definitely call to confirm! xx

  13. Lisa Barnes says:

    Hi Olivia,
    Im writing from Australia and i LOVE all your posts i think you are amazing!
    So i have been on the pill and had the implanon for a few years up until the start of 2015 and i hated them, they made me miserable and bloated and depressed. Even my boyfriend can noltice a huge change since going off them. I really want to buy the Daysy but unfortunately i cannot get them shipped toAustralia. Do you know anyway i could get one here or anywhere online i could buy one here? I’ve looked but i’m not having much luck and dont feel great taking a risk getting pregnant!! Thank in advance! Lisa xx

    • Organic Olivia says:

      Hey Lisa! Try looking for the Lady Comp. That’s their older model and it might be available in more locations, even on possible? Check it out, or shoot them an e-mail and ask if they are planning to ship to AUS soon! xx

  14. Tania says:

    Hey Olivia!

    I really love your blog. I feel like I’m on the right path towards holistic enlightenment! I’m having trouble finding reviews other than your own for people who actually use Daysy. Quite a few of the official blog reviews that I found were clearly paid endorsements. So 1. Were you paid for this endorsement? 2. Can you point me in the direction of others who actually use Daysy? Can’t take any chances with birth control!

    • Organic Olivia says:

      Hey Tania! Daysy gave me their device to try for 60 days and if I was satisfied, I could write a blog review – if I wasn’t satisfied I could send it back. Turns out I loved it (as did my partner haha) and I use it to this day with no issues whatsoever. The only time I don’t use it is when I go on vacation, because my wake-up times are erratic and you have to take your temperature within the same 1 hour window daily. I wouldn’t be without it, and if you want to talk to someone else who has used it for a long time (I’ve only been using it for 7 months I believe), e-mail Jessica from the Daysy staff. When I first e-mailed them to inquire about the product I was skeptical as well, but she told me how she’s been using it for 6 years and even planned her 2 children with it. She’s so sweet and can probably direct you to more reviews as well 🙂 Lots of love and let me know if you get it! Their older product is “Lady Comp” which is a hit too, so you might want to check for reviews on that instead. Daysy is the updated version and much smaller, which is why I chose it.

  15. laura says:

    Hi Olivia.

    I really want to stop using birth control. It has messed up my skin significantly. How accurate is the Daysy?

    • Organic Olivia says:

      Hey Laura! The Daysy is more effective than birth control pills, with science to back it up – it has a better score on the Pearl Index which is the standard of birth control ratings (as mentioned in my article). It’s spot on and I really love using it.

  16. Katie says:

    Can people with PCOS and unpredictable cycles use the Daysy and still have it be accurate? I have a copper IUD and hate it and would like to have it taken out but already have 3 young kids and am terrified of an unplanned pregnancy.

  17. kelly says:

    Hi Olivia, I would just like to say a huge massive thank you, I follow you on instagram and saw a post about daysy. At that particular time I had the implant contraception. My husband and I have two boys very close in age and I was never a big fan of contraception neither was my husband but, at this point in time we want to wait a few years before having another child. I tried the pill for about two months but I was just terrible at remembering to take it so was never confident in it. I went to the doctor and he recommended the implant as it is just there I don’t have to remember anything etc. Anyways I had the implant for two years! And honestly it was the worst two years of my life, I had severe mood swings I was constantly snapping at my husbands and my kids, I had very little patience which I always had in abundance before, I completely lost my sex drive, had no interest in sex whatsoever!! I entered into a depression I would cry daily for small things I just felt like their was no reason to go on living so miserably. I didn’t know what the hell was wrong with me! Until I saw an article one day about the pill causing mood swings and lowering sex drive, so i set out to read about the effects of the implant, the NHS website had the standard side effects stating most were very unlikely blah blah blah, until I came across a website dedicated to the implant alone, and full of stories from women who were depressed, suicidal, had no sex drive, I showed my husband and he begged me to take it out, even though i knew what it was doing to me, I was so scared of getting pregnant again, and then I saw your post about the german machine that tells you when to have sex lol! And I thought hmm interesting so read about it tho the price tag was kinda huge, but as I’m in the UK it worked out to be around £230 I booked an appointment the next day and had the implant taken out, the doctor was upset as he said that its very expensive and I didn’t have it the full three years, then he tried to convince me to have the copper coil. Anyways its out yay!! And I’m using the daysy which is brilliant. Though my periods have not yet returned to normal, do you have any advice on how the detox after using contraception? Thanks again, your post came at the perfect time for me, coming off of contraception was the best thing I’ve ever done, keep up the wonderful work. xxx

  18. Amanda says:

    Hi Olivia, i recently had to take the morning after pill and it gave me horrible cellulite almost overnight. Liver cleanses and dry brushing don’t seem to help anymore. Any tips? Im rather thin, 5’4, 120 lbs but ive had cellulite for years.

  19. nicole says:

    Hi Olivia I stopped taking the pill in January this year, my periods still have not returned to normal do you know any natural detox I can do, to regulate them, I’m really quite worried as we would like to try for a baby but as my cycle is completely thrown off sometimes no period for two months I just need any help and advice pls thank you.

  20. Ashley M says:

    Ok. I feel silly asking, So,when we are talking about effectiveness, unprotected sex, and the product woking, this means you can have unprotected sex all the way without withdrawal? I’m assuming that’s what it means without having to be so blunt with the wording?

  21. Stephanie says:

    Wow!!! I just love that look of that!! So I use a Lady-Comp (which I adore) so I can’t speak for the Daysy but it sure does look amazing and since it uses the same software as the Lady-Comp I can assuming its going to be fantastic!!
    Best of Luck!

  22. Kate says:

    Olivia! I was REALLY hesitant to go off the birth control pill. I have two daughters, and the only babies I want now are grand babies in the future 🙂 I also had no side effects from it whatsoever, so I thought it wasn’t hurting me. But it was the ONLY and LAST Rx medication I was on, and I was completely done being dependent on pharmaceuticals.

    Anyway, I’m not for the life of me spending $400 on a thermometer, but I did some research, and bought a basal thermometer for $20 on Amazon which stores my previously recorded temps, etc. I also downloaded an app on my phone, and once I’m done taking my temp as soon as I wake up, I enter it into the app along with cervical mucus type, etc. and my cycle is automatically charted. I do have to interpret the charts to find my fertile window, which takes practice, but I’m confident I will be an expert on it soon 🙂

    I’m two months into being off the pill and charting my basal temps, and my womb is blissfully barren! We are being extra careful for a few months though to make sure there are NO accidents. But so far, so good!

    I was also on the pill for SO LONG, that I had no idea what it was doing to my body. When I stopped taking it, my sex drive went WAY up, and I honestly had no idea it was down. I’m liking that a lot, and so does my partner! (He thanks you too btw:)

    My hormones went really psycho for a couple of weeks when I first went off the pill. Which made me realize the pill was fully screwing with my bodies’ ability to make and sustain healthy hormone levels. For a couple of weeks I was not sleeping, and freaking out about everything. My body literally did not know how to cope. It was jones-ing for those synthetic hormones BAD.

    The D.C. I work for caught me crying at my desk one day (and I am not the overly emotional type) and I told him what was going on. Immediately he told me to try Maca to balance my hormones. I tried it and felt relief right away, peaceful, and like my body could rest. Maca helps your body to not be estrogen-dominant (which is VERY bad for you) and it helps your body to produce more progesterone, which is the good hormone. I also try to eat one raw carrot a day, and that one is more difficult for me because I got so darned sick of carrots after about a week :/

    I’m happy to say that I’m off ALL Rx medications!!! I’ve gained more knowledge about my body and I am not pregnant!!! I’ve said thank you before, and I’m saying it again. You are a blessing!

  23. Claire says:

    do you still use this? it sounds incredible I’m so interested in getting one!

  24. Hermione says:

    Hi Olivia!
    I just came across your blog post while researching daysy. Could you please update us on your success with the device?

  25. Stefanie L. says:

    Hi girls, I am using the Daysy Computer as well. Over a year now. It is the best thing that ever happened to me. Really!! I think I tried five different kind of pills and my body never got used to them I had the worst side effects. Then my gym recommended me the hormone spiral. The side effects where the worst I ever experienced. (I tried Jasmin, Nuva Ring, and another Macro pill).
    Then my boyfriend and I decided to try a different way. I talked to loads of girls and a lot of them are actually not taking the pill anymore.
    I looked up test on the internet and found daysy. I am using it one year now and I love it. I love how I got to know my body and I ve learned a lot about it too. I read a couple of articles regarding harmone-free contraception and there you learn a lot of methods how else you can double check. It is great to get to know your body that way. ( And I actually never thought I would enjoy it that much).
    I can only recommend you the daysy.
    And the Gyn´s, specially mine, always said hormon- free isn’t for me. (They only say that, because they don’t make money out of it)
    Read articles and experience it your self. You are a different person. 🙂
    (Greets from Munich 🙂

  26. Elle says:

    Hi Olivia,
    are you still using it successfully?
    I can only find recent user reviews!
    Thank you so much

  27. Katie L says:

    Hey Olivia 🙂
    I was wondering if there was another cheaper version of a similar machine, as in Australia the Daysy Birth control one is over $600 (that mark-up though) haha

    Katie 🙂

  28. Fati says:

    Olivia! Love your posts. Are you still using it? Would you still recommend it?

  29. Erin says:

    Hi Olivia,

    I am interested in getting Daysy myself. Can you also do an update on this birth control method and how you are liking it?

  30. Daniela says:

    Hi Olivia I was interested in getting the daysy for birth control I came across your blog and I was wandering if you could give a long term update? Are you still using daysy and are you still happy with the device???

  31. jami says:

    Hi there
    I am 46 and just had a baby. ..that was 10 months after having my iud taken out and trying fertility awareness method of bc…. I monitered my bbt, used a little microscope to monitor ferning (saliva)…..also charted my cycles. Unfortunately it didnt work.. Although i love my sweet baby girl 🙂 she is truely a blessing!! My question obviously is will this work for someone my age. My periods are very regular, even while i am breastfeeding.? Just curious. Thx, jami

  32. Kelly says:

    Hi, was wondering when you use the Daysy and on days there are no chance you can get pregnant, are you letting your partner cum inside you or are you just not using protection like a condom?

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